Picking the Right Location for your Franchise

Published on July 31, 2017

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The location plays a key role in the success of any business. A franchise business has a brand name, but the location determines the number of customers who enter the space and purchase products. By selecting the right location for the franchise, you will see a positive impact on your profit margins.

Clarify Your Goals

Before you select a location for your franchise, set clear goals for your business. If you do not have a clear direction for the franchise business, then you will not select the right location.

Do you want to attract foot traffic? Are you looking for a location with plenty of parking? Do you want to catch attention by setting up on a corner or in a populated area? Depending on your goals and the plans for your business, the right location for the franchise will vary. If you want to bring in more foot traffic, then you need a location with easy access. Businesses that plan to bring in a crowd during rush hour, on the other hand, may need more space for parking. Clarify your plans for the business before looking into locations.

Identify Your Budget

Budgeting plays an essential role in your location. A limited budget means you will have limited space and limited options for your franchise. A larger budget gives you more flexibility in relation to your location.

Set a clear budget for your franchise. Use the budget to determine the best location for your space requirements and your goals. Depending on the franchise, you may benefit from looking into budget-friendly locations that give a little more space or premium in relation to foot traffic when compared to high-cost areas. Look to the future to understand how the local and national market may change with regard to commercial real estate – how the value of land and leases change over time may determine when and where you invest.

Determine Space Requirements

Space requirements depend on the franchise and the products you sell. It also relates to your preferences for your location. If you plan to set up a franchise location in a mall, then you may not need a large amount of space. On the other hand, setting up a location in a single building requires more space for your customers.

Clarify your space requirements after evaluating your options within the franchise business. If you need enough space for customers to sit during a meal, then look for a location that gives you the extra space for tables and chairs. When you plan to set up in an area with more foot traffic, like a mall, you may not need to set up chairs and tables. Consider your plans for the franchise as well as the number of individuals you expect to accommodate during a rush. Use the estimates to identify a reasonable amount of space for your franchise.

Pay Attention to Your Customers

The final aspect to finding the right location is your customers. Do you expect your customers to walk into your business on foot? Are your customers likely to use a vehicle? What products are you planning to sell to your customers? The location for your franchise business depends on the needs of your customers.

Identify your target customer before looking into your options for a location. A franchise that focuses on foot traffic differs significantly from a franchise that focuses on drivers. Businesses that sell foods and drinks differ from businesses that sell material products that a customer plans to take home. By clarifying your target customer, you focus on a location that appeals to the ideal individual for your products. It helps you avoid pitfalls by focusing on a location that appeals to the target customer.

Location is the foundation for success in a franchise business. When you select the right location, you improve your profit margin by gaining the attention of your target customer. The key is focusing on your goals, clarifying your budget and ensuring that you follow through with the interests and preferences of the customers you expect for the business.

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