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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

Managing and Resolving Franchise Lawsuits

All lawsuits, arbitration and related settlements are required to be disclosed in Item 3 of the Franchise Disclosure Document.

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Emerging Franchisors Need to Practice Conflict Management

Conflict management is a process that franchisors can utilize to avoid disagreements between franchisors and franchisees from escalating into a major dispute or legal action.

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Franchisors Shouldn’t Confuse Franchisee Validation with Endorsement

Although franchisors may utilize their franchisees to market its products or services to customers, its different from having their franchisees actively promote and endorse its franchise opportunity.

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Franchisor Leaders: Balance Your Role in Franchise System Development

Depending upon the individual franchise system the role of the CEO can be broken down into three levels of engagement.

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Franchisor Leaders Need their Own KPIs

Enhancements to the franchise operating model have caused more franchisors to use KPIs to capture specific franchisee performance data.

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Franchisors Should Balance Franchise Development with Sales Growth

Not having an aggressive ramp-up program for new franchisees can lead to financial and operational problems six to nine months later.

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