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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

10 Essential Skills Every Executive Needs to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Moving from a stable executive job to becoming an entrepreneur can be a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. Do you have the skills to pull it off?

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How To Start Your Home-Based Franchise 

From low start-up costs to convenience and flexibility, there are lots of benefits attracting entrepreneurs from all walks of life to home-based franchises.

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Top Home-Based Franchise Industries to Consider

Home-based franchises give you the best of both worlds, namely being able to work from home, while enjoying all the benefits of owning a franchise.

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What Is a Home-Based Franchise? 

Even before the pandemic struck, people were starting to look at the benefits of working from home for a variety of important reasons.

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How to Fund Your Franchise

From the initial franchise fee to the ongoing royalties, working capital and advertising costs, an entrepreneur needs cash to get things rolling.

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12 Franchise Opportunities No Blue-Collar Executive Should Overlook

Here are some of the highest graded franchises available that are best suited to investors who have a blue-collar executive background.

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