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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

Franchisor Focus: What Makes a Successful Franchise Leader?

When you consider the great franchise brands and their leaders, each share certain traits that helped propel their franchise to success.

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Franchisor Focus: EB-5 Investment Program Update and Caution

Although the goals of the EB-5 program are well intentioned, there have been various instances of fraud where foreign investors were scammed.

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How to Prepare Your Exit Strategy for Your Career Change 

It can be stressful leaving your current job for another. One thing that can help however is to plan out an exit strategy beforehand.

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What Not to Do When Changing Your Career from Executive to Entrepreneur 

The average person changes their career five to seven times during their working life, with many deciding to venture out on their own and open their own business.

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Why A Real Estate Broker Makes A Good Franchise Owner 

Owning a franchise will make good use of your ability to coordinate and play different roles, but there are several other qualities and traits you possess that you can take advantage of as well.

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10 Tips To Help You Change Your Career 

It used to be that people stayed in the same career path for most of their lives, not to mention with the same company. Not any more.

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Franchisor Focus: A Franchise Candidate is an Investor not a Customer

A prospective franchisee should act like an investor, although seeing the franchise through the eyes of a customer is important.

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Career Crossroads: Traits Pilots and Franchisees Have in Common

Piloting an aircraft may not seem similar to running a franchise, but the roles share important traits that make pilots a great fit for franchise ownership.

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Franchisor Focus: Franchisors and Franchisees Must Learn to Deal with Change

If there’s one thing the Pandemic taught us, especially those of us in the franchise industry, it’s that certain events both large and small require change.

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Franchisor Focus: An Overlooked Franchisor Recruitment Strategy

Franchisee prospects need to be sufficiently impressed with a franchise opportunity before proceeding to the next steps in the process.

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