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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

Open Your Own Independent Business or Buy a Franchise?

From the outset, you’ll have some obvious questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you can start formulating your own strategy to begin your venture.

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Interesting Franchise Industry Statistics

Which franchise sectors are dominant? Which franchise concepts have grown while others have decreased? How about the range of franchise investments?

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From Pilot to Franchise Owner – What You Need to Know

As a pilot, you like to think ahead, which means you not only know when you’re planning on calling it a career, but you’ve probably got an exit plan ready as well.

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Why Pilots Should Consider Owning a Franchise

Buying a franchise is an appealing investment for several reasons, especially among airline pilots and other professionals working in the field of aviation.

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The Hurdles That Come With Changing Careers

Like anything in life, changing careers has its fair share of hurdles that you need to vault in order to succeed. Here are a few you should expect.

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Franchisor Focus: One of The Most Important Words in Franchising

Whether its multi-unit Franchising or multi-brand Franchising, both terms reflect a growing movement in the franchise industry.

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Why Open A Breakfast Brunch And Lunch Franchise?

There are huge benefits to eating breakfast, but many skip it because they don’t have time to prepare it. Breakfast brunch and lunch franchises can help.

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Franchise Grade and Franchise Brokers Association Partnership Announcement

Although the reasons for the relationship ending will remain between the parties, we wish them well in their future endeavors.

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Franchisor Focus: 10 Ways an Earnings Claim Can Help Grow a Franchise System

Those of us who have spent years working in franchising may recall when a small number of franchisors made an Item 19 financial disclosure.

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Franchisor Focus: The One Responsibility of Franchising Too Many Franchisors Overlook

Whether as a franchisee, franchisor executive or providing operational advice to franchisors I’ve always advocated that a franchisor should have a strong franchise relations strategy.

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