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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

Franchise Net Growth Tells the Truth

Many franchisors are actually closing more outlets than they’re opening each year, putting investors and industry reputation at risk

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Home-Based Franchises Offer Quick Wins

Home-based franchises give first-time business owners a quick and inexpensive way to open their own in-home business, part-time or full-time.

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New York Times Investigates Subway’s Abuse of Franchisees

New York Times investigation into the use of questionable practices by one its Franchise Development Agents that culminated in the agent acquiring two of a franchisees Subway stores.

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The Main Causes of Franchisor – Franchisee Conflicts

Several factors cause franchisor-franchisee conflicts. It’s necessary to begin with an understanding that conflict between a franchisor and franchisees is a part of the relationship.

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Why McDonald’s Franchise Program Keeps on Rolling

When someone asks franchising a question or makes a comment about the franchising industry, the first name they usually reference is McDonald’s

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The Fall of A Giant – Are Subway’s Healthiest Days Behind Them?

Not even a decade ago, Subway was the champion of healthy eating. In fact, they were the largest fast food chain in the world.

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The Benefits of Purchasing an Existing Franchise

If you’re considering investing in a franchise opportunity, consider purchasing an existing franchise. Buying an existing franchise offers investment advantages.

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How Franchisors Can Choose the Best Franchise Candidates

One requirement for a successful franchise system is how well franchisors identify, qualify and select the best franchise candidates.

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The Overlooked Places Where Emerging Franchisors Can Find Capital

In addition to the more traditional sources including family, friends, and banks there are other places where franchisors can find investment capital.

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Positive Traits That Successful Franchise Systems Share

Prospective franchisees considering a specific franchise opportunity need to thoroughly evaluate each franchise opportunity.

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