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What We're About.

FranchiseGrade.com is the leading provider of franchise information, offering research that has helped thousands of prospective buyers find the perfect franchise. We work to understand the unique situation of potential buyers and provide targeted, relevant, and useful franchise data and recommendations.

Our research covers more than 2,500+ franchises and is relied upon by academics, legal experts, and multi-national conglomerates for mission-critical decisions. We are the go-to folks for trusted and reliable franchising information and data visualizations.

Oh, and we're a small, agile startup working out of London, Ontario.

Quote matters
- Jessica C, Research Analyst

Tasty Beverages

Keeping you properly caffeinated is practically a core value - and we take our core values seriously. We've also got a water cooler if that's more your speed.

Flexible Hours

We know that productivity isn't always about the 9 to 5, so we work with each employee to make sure the hours they put in really make a difference.

Real Autonomy

This isn't just a tag-line. We're a small company and everyone is personally empowered to make decisions and impact meaningful change.

So, what do we actually do?

Lots! Our IT team works on building out our franchise analysis & comparison platform, while our sales and research teams focus on keeping our data up-to-date and helping potential buyers make the best investment decisions possible! Here are our major areas of focus right now...

*Some super secret (but still super awesome) projects were omitted from this list.

Available Positions

Software Developer

Working within a small development team, our software developers code primarily in Ruby on Rails to create kick-ass applications that are built to scale. We utilize technologies like MySQL, AWS, Docker, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, and Coffeescript to create desktop- and mobile-optimized experiences that drive user interaction and engagement.

What you'll be doing:
  • Refining the front and backend of our website/web-app
  • Growing our machine-learning recommendation service
  • Developing interactive website components & features
  • Testing new UX/UI workflows to drive user conversion
  • Helping architect and scale our cloud infrastructure

How you'll be working:
  • On a brand-new Apple laptop, with all the bells and whistles
  • Inside a dockerized microservice architecture
  • Alongside 2 other developers, working closely with the CEO and CTO

Requirements and qualifications:
  • Some exposure and work with Ruby on Rails (preferred)
  • Solid understanding of relational databases, web technologies, and MVC architecture
  • Comfortable working with HTML5, SCSS, CoffeeScript, JS, jQuery, and MySQL
  • Confident in both frontend and backend abilities

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to careers@franchisegrade.com, and include some examples of your very best work. Put "Software Developer Position" in the subject line, and let us know what your salary expectations are.