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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

Franchisings Biggest Problem – Consumer Driven Investing

A good consumer experience is not a reason to invest in a franchise. It skews the decision-making process of a prospective franchisee from start to finish.

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Franchise Systems are Stretching for Growth

Franchise buildout options in Item 7 have become more common. In 2017, there are 299 franchise systems in our database with multiple buildouts.

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The 6 Most Common Careless FDD Errors

We see careless and common mistakes limiting the marketability of your FDD. These mistakes negatively affect the credibility of your franchise opportunity.

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Franchisors Should Have Key Competitor Statistics

Franchisors operate in a highly competitive environment it’s critical that franchise development staff have as much data on their competitors as possible.

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The Importance of Benchmarking Franchise Performance

Benchmarking your franchise system against your franchise category, franchise sector and individual franchises requires the right data.

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The Most Successful Franchises Know Their Competitors

At Franchise Grade, when speaking with top franchisor executives about their success, we noticed how much data they have on franchise competitors.

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Considering a Franchise? Be Sure to Compare Franchise Opportunities

When considering a franchise prospective franchisees need to compare franchise opportunities to find the best investment that meets their resources.

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How Franchise Brokers Benefit from Franchise Benchmarking

Franchise brokers that are part of a franchise broker network represent multiple franchise systems. Using Franchise Intelligence is crucial for brokers.

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Picking the Right Location for your Franchise

A franchise business has a brand name, but the location determines the number of customers who enter the space and purchase products.

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Is Your Franchise Program Keeping up with Industry Trends?

As the franchise industry continues to grow in both size and brand diversity, various components of franchise systems evolve and change.

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