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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

Top Franchises Know Their Competitors

Knowing which franchises are a threat to your franchise network development requires diligence and the right information. You must know your competitors.

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Multi-Unit Franchise Candidates Expect Franchise Intelligence

Having returned from a recent Multi-Unit Franchise Conference, I’m reminded how savvy and focused most multi-unit (MU) franchisees are.

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Unchecked Ego Can Lead to Problems for the Franchise Leader

Ego can be used to describe a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Synonyms for ego include pride, self-esteem, self-regard and self-respect.

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How Data Will Help Sell More Franchises

Using data to validate your franchise opportunity provides a significant advantage over franchise competitors vying for the same investment dollars as you.

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Questions for a New Prospective Franchisee

We talk to people all the time who are looking to invest in their first franchise. Our advice to these begins with key questions to evaluate the opportunity

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Emerging Franchise Systems Have Potential for Growth

To develop a top franchise, a franchisor needs to offer a financial opportunity for prospective franchisees with a minimum of risk.

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What is the Burden of Business Ownership?

As a business owner, responsibility for decisions begins and ends with me. Decisions I make today impact my business and ultimately my company’s success.

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The Top 3 Reasons to Invest in an Emerging Franchise

Franchising provides a great opportunity for you to own a business. It can enable a route to success, growing from one franchise to hundreds of franchises.

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How Small Franchises Can Grow Without Getting Big

In some cases, a smaller system has certain advantages over large systems, for example more available territory and the chance to begin on the ground floor.

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The Best Franchise Opportunities You’ve Never Heard Of

Quick! How many franchises can you name? More than likely, you thought of national franchises like McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A or Applebee’s.

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