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Advice and commentary from industry experts.

Be Careful of Sloppy Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)s

Investing into a franchise can be a great business opportunity for a first-time business owner. Taking time to review possible investment risks is hard.

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Prospective Franchisees Must Carefully Review Item 20

Although each item in an FDD is important, some are more important than others. Item 20 contains critical statistics that disclose franchise system growth

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Why I Have #hashtags for Breakfast

My plan for finding the hottest trending hashtags and how I can use them to grow my business. Social media strategies for finding the right hashtag.

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Use a Franchise Attorney When Investing in a Franchise

We recommend hiring a franchise attorney to help you when you are in the purchasing stage of your new franchise. We have listed our Top 7 Reasons for you.

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Does Franchise Maturity Make a Difference in Investment Risk?

Looking further into the industry, beyond the bigger systems, there are multiple investment opportunities that are overlooked by prospective franchisees.

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When Working from Home Really Works

As we become more connected the ability to work from a satellite office is a great opportunity to grow your company. Let’s review the Pros and Cons.

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A Paper Route Made Me A Successful Businessman

I learned a lot from that paper route. It shaped my future allowing me to be the businessman I am today. Here are some lessons I learned along the way.

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What’s More Important for Franchise Growth: The Market or The Location

This article presents three methods that franchisors use as models for their development strategy and what questions to ask when evaluating a market.

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Do You Hug Your Franchisees?

The first franchise I worked for, over 35 years ago, grew it to a network of Convenience stores with 500 franchise locations.

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4 Facebook Tips your “Friends” will not just “Like” but Love

From a small family run landscaping company to a large multinational corporation, each must have a Facebook account to engage with their customers.

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