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Why Pilots Should Consider Owning a Franchise

Published on September 17, 2021

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The pandemic has changed many lives, including forcing some people to reconsider their career choices. If you’ve made your career as a pilot, this is nothing new because you’ve faced an uncertain future before, thanks to 9/11 and the airline financial crisis of 2008.

If you’re a pilot, the pandemic has reinforced your need to find something new, or at the very least something that can be counted on as a secondary source of income to help cushion the ups and down in the industry. There are several reasons why pilots consider buying a franchise to be a good investment.

Stable income: Somewhere in the back of your mind, and the minds of pilots across the country, is the possibility of either being laid off or demoted. It’s not surprising either, after all airline traffic was down 94% at the peek of the pandemic and might never fully recover. Historically pilots have felt the pinch for years after a big event such as 9/11, which makes you wonder how long the effects of the pandemic will play a part in your life. If you decide to switch to another company, you face a loss of benefits as well as salary and seniority, which means it’s not something you really like doing. Opening a franchise can help you face a loss of income a little more optimistically.

Health can play a factor: Many pilots worry about their health, and with strict health and safety measures in place it’s not surprising. A common statement among your colleagues is “I am one bad physical away from losing my job” which means you need to prepare for the future sooner rather than later. This is especially true if you are a senior pilot. By owning a business, you give yourself a fallback option if you can no longer fly.

Better hours: As you know, some pilots, specifically airline pilots, fly 2-5 legs in a day, a few days a week. While you may love your job flying all over the world, your hectic schedule can force you to be away from your family more than you’d like. You miss important events, and don’t have has much down time as you need. By running a franchise as a side job or a secondary source of income, you can give yourself more time away from flying and more time at home.

Franchises don’t always need your attention full-time: There are different types of franchises out there, that have different requirements, and not all of them need owners who can dedicate their full attention to them. Some are semi-passive, that can be run by a manager hired by the owner most of the time. This type of franchise would allow you to keep your day job, while spending part-time attention to your business. If you have more flexibility with your schedule than others, which is usually the case with senior pilots, you can have more time to dedicate to the business as well.

You will enjoy the process: Pilots are used to following a system. From flight plans, to system checks and more, you follow a tried and tested plan that many before you have followed. What’s more, you enjoy the process, and because of that you will really like the franchise system. What’s more, you are the type of person who will understand that working hard helps in scaling the business, which will make you more than willing to do what is necessary to help it succeed.

Pilots like to think ahead: Pilots learn a lot of different things during their time using simulators and in flight school, and some of the things they learn stick with them throughout their lives. One truism you’ve more than likely heard plenty of times is that you should never let an airplane take you somewhere your mind hasn’t been five minutes earlier. Thinking ahead allows you to prepare for anything unexpected that may happen, and helps you keep the people in your aircraft safe. You can apply the same principal to your life and create a plan B in case something unexpected happens. Opening a franchise can be that plan B.

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