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Reports and assessments on industry performance.

The Complication of Buildouts in FDDs

2017 Facts & Figures Report August 29, 2017

As franchise system development becomes more competitive franchise systems are employing a new strategy to grow their brand and increase franchise sales.

Historical Trends of Key Franchise System Metrics

2017 Facts & Figures Report July 25, 2017

The composition of the franchise investment differs in key areas such as: franchise fees, royalty rates, territory protections and Item 19 disclosures.

7 Year Longitudinal Franchise Outlet Study

Industry Report July 18, 2017

On average, more than 34,500 franchise outlets are opened and over $25 billion has been invested by franchisees on an annual basis since 2010.

Maximize the Power of Data to Sell More Franchises

2017 Facts & Figures Report July 13, 2017

Data has become essential to having a successful franchise development team. Those that maximize the power of data will sell more franchises.

Item 20 Errors Reflects on Franchisor Performance

2017 Facts & Figures Report June 26, 2017

When reviewing an FDD, we always keep our eyes out for any errors. The error that is the most troublesome for us is when we see Item 20 errors.

Pet Care Franchises Are Roaring

2017 Sector Report June 14, 2017

Kings and Paupers: The Long Tail of Franchising

2017 Facts & Figures Report April 13, 2017

Franchise Grade is the leading franchise research company in the world. Our goal is to introduce you to industry trends affecting your investment decisions.

Does the State of the Franchisor HQ Make a Difference in Success?

2017 Facts & Figures Report March 22, 2017

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