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Reports and assessments on industry performance.

Guide to Changing Your Career

February 17, 2021

Download the Franchise Grade Guide to Changing Careers to get a better sense of some of the benefits (and challenges) of becoming an entrepreneur.

White Paper on Master Franchising

January 13, 2021

Learn what it means to become a Master Franchisee and get a better understanding of the benefits and responsibilities involved in this unique franchise relationship.

White Paper on Multi-Brand Franchising

December 14, 2020

Multi-brand franchising is a critical next step for serial entrepreneurs, especially as part of a solid diversification strategy.

White Paper – Executive-Level Skills Provide a Distinct Entrepreneurial Advantage

November 25, 2020

Discover how your executive experience makes you a natural fit for franchise ownership and can help you excel as an entrepreneur

Industry Snapshot: Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch Franchises

October 23, 2020

Franchises specializing in breakfast, brunch and lunch create outstanding opportunities for franchisees looking to expand and diversify their portfolio.

Why Iā€™m Bullish on Franchise Growth

2018 Industry Report February 16, 2018

An Analysis of Emerging Franchises ā€“ Part 2

2017 Industry Report December 21, 2017

Our research reveals that after attrition, 20% of franchises that started 6 to 10 years ago and continued franchising had 100 locations or more.

A Study of Ongoing Fees Between 2013 and 2016

2017 Facts & Figures Report October 31, 2017

We have completed a study on the changes in Ongoing Fees in the franchise industry using our data from 2013 ā€“ 2016 to publish the report.

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