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Report on Quick-Service Restaurant Franchises 2020

Published on September 09, 2020

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In our Report on QSR Franchises, we take a look at important trends in the QSR sector as well as the opportunities ahead.

In many ways, you could compare the current state of the QSR sector to a drought followed by a forest fire; some portions of the sector became too dense, and as overgrowth sales dried up the ecosystem, many franchises were left vulnerable to the inferno created by the pandemic. But, as devastating as the pandemic has been for many restaurants, it’s also blazed a path for rebirth in the industry; the unforeseen combination of results from market over-saturation and the business limitations brought on by the pandemic created a rare opportunity for Emerging franchisors to grow, and for franchisee investors to capitalize on availability.

In this report:

  • QSR sector growth ground to a halt in 2019
  • Established Brands Feeling the Pain
  • Emerging Brands Withstood the Blaze
  • Multi-Outlet Franchisee Trends
  • Unprecedented Franchise Opportunities in 2021

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