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2015 Facts & Figures Report Published on June 20, 2015

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The franchise industry sometimes receives mixed reviews including the occasional bad press. However, a look at the top tier of the industry reveals franchises that are successful for both franchisors and franchisee investors.

Over the last 5 years, the top 25% franchises:

  • Accounts for 69,080 net outlet growth.
  • Averaged a growth rate of 8% per year.
  • Accounted for $79.81 billion in franchisee investments.

Healthy and successful franchise systems need to differentiate themselves from the bad apples.

Positive growth franchise systems establish additional funds as a higher percentage of the total Item 7. A low additional fund value and subsequent negative growth could be attributed to franchisee undercapitalization.

A larger percentage of positive growth franchise systems disclose a defined or structured territory within their franchise disclosure document. This can either be an exclusive or protected territory, or a defined territory such as a marketing radius.

Almost 80% of the positive growth franchise systems in our database provide an Item 19 disclosure compared to less than 60% of negative growth franchise systems. There are a variety of FPR formats that can be used by franchisors to meet this requirement.

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