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Five Reasons to Buy a Restaurant Franchise

Published on November 23, 2016

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When most people think of franchising they think restaurant. They think McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic or Checkers. There are over 500 different franchised restaurant options to choose from. Some that have a better ROI than you would get from a major brand. But owning a restaurant franchise takes a special kind of person that can operate and manage the business properly.

Here are five reasons to buy a restaurant franchise.

  1. You’re a People Person

Interaction with the public helps grow your business. A restaurant is part of the hospitality section. You need to work with people of all shapes and sizes and you need to be able to deal with upset customers. Knowing how to handle complaints and work effectively to defuse a situation leads to better long-term success for your franchise. Bad reviews can cost you business.

  1. Good at Managing Employees

Employees are the face of your business. They interact with every customer and are the ones that will have a direct impact on customer experience. Knowing how to hire and train the right people is key to owning a successful restaurant franchise. You will have a lot of staff come and go from your restaurant. Building a culture of success and creating a safe environment for your employees to work in is critical.

  1. You’re Resilient

You will have great times and bad times when running a restaurant. Being resilient and having the tenacity to fight through the down times is key to growing your restaurant. The challenges and adversity only make you stronger and you learn from them instead of run away from them. Setbacks are temporary but you need the strength to power through them to succeed.

  1. You Don’t Mind Working Hard

You need to be a jack-of-all-trades. When a problem arises you need to be able to deal with it quickly and decisively. This will happen on your days off and even while on holiday. Owning a restaurant means never truly checking out of the business. This can put pressure on your family because you may need to miss a dance recital or soccer game if your manager is sick or your pop machine breaks down.

  1. You’re a Patient Person

Growing your new franchise into a successful business takes time. Unlike stories you hear on the news, most franchise owners don’t become millionaires overnight. They work hard and patiently grow their empire one dollar at a time. Their success came from patience and perseverance. The early years of owning a restaurant are tough. It’s 80 hour weeks, no holidays and slugging away at all of the job. You’ve got business loans to cover and your employees, utilities and franchisor royalties get paid first and whatever is left is your profit and take home. Some weeks it might be nothing. Being patient and slowly building your business is a recipe for success.

Owning a restaurant franchise is a great way to build a successful future for you and your family. It’s not a sure thing and there are no guarantees of success when investing. Have the right temperament and being true to who you are can help you grow your business. Before investing, make sure you do your research and find the best restaurant franchise for you.

About the Author: Jeff Lefler
As the CEO of, Jeff understands that there is no Silver Bullet or sure-fire, simple way to pick a guaranteed franchise system winner. However, by using a little science and a lot of hard work, Jeff and the team at have developed a sophisticated research, analysis and comparison model to help potential investors and existing Franchisees assess a realistic value for any franchise system relative to others. It's called a Franchise Grade. With over fifteen years of small business experience and ten working in franchising as a multi-unit Franchisee, consultant and Franchisee Association President, Jeff has a good understanding of the level of hard work, dedication and commitment that drives a successful franchise system. As part of his ongoing involvement with the industry, Jeff also served as a Member of the Strategic Committee of the International Association of Franchisees and Dealers. Get in touch with Jeff to see how your system measures up at [email protected]

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