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Getting Noticed in a Crowded Franchise Industry

Published on July 07, 2017

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How do you guarantee that the public knows your business exists?

You need to have an eye-catching sign that depicts the personality, services, and products of your brand. You want people to recognize your sign when they see it, even when they see it in a new place.

When designing your new sign, it’s very important to seek the help of professional graphic designers and marketing experts to define your brand design.

Now more than ever, businesses look to FASTSIGNS® for innovative ways to connect with customers in a highly competitive marketplace. High standards for quality and customer service have made FASTSIGNS® the most recognized brand in the industry, driving significantly more traffic to the web than any other sign company. FASTSIGNS® is a Made The Grade™ franchise because of their low Franchisee Turnover Rate, which is 4.97% based on data from 2014 – 2016.

FASTSIGNS franchise available

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About the Author: Jeff Stephenson
Providing thought leadership and a creative perspective. As a media specialist with experience on both sides of the franchising spectrum, I have a passion for helping people find their dream franchise and working with them to better their lives. Working as a Media Marketing Manager gives me the thrill of creating and contributing to many areas of this amazing industry. Each day I look forward to learning about the exciting news that is happening in franchising and sharing this with all the people in my network. With campaigns that have been recognized in Marketing Mag, I have crafted the ability to engage, inspire and relate to all of my clients throughout my career and personal life.

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