5-Year FTR Comparison of Healthy & Unhealthy Franchise Investments

Published on February 17, 2016

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The Top 10%, or Healthiest, franchise systems in the industry had a 5-year average Franchisee Turnover Rate (FTR) of 8.4% while the Bottom 10%, Unhealthiest, almost doubled that FTR with 16.1%.

Part two of our 5-Year Comparison of the Healthiest and Unhealthiest Franchise Systems in Franchising presents Franchisee Turnover Rates. As introduced in Part One, the Top 10% of franchise systems opened a total of 76,161 outlets and closed only 23,990 during the 5-year period. The Bottom 10% of franchise systems opened 34,171 outlets and closed 71,290 outlets.

Identifying what categories the majority of turnover is attributable to can help to identify a franchise systems overall health. The percentage of turnover of the Top 10% and Bottom 10% of the  franchise industry are broken down into the following categories:

  • Transfers
  • Terminations
  • Non-Renewals
  • Reacquired
  • Ceased Operations

All of the categories are equally important to note, however, the percentage of turnover attributable to Transfers highlights the difference between the Top and Bottom 10% as a result of our comparison. The Top 10% of franchise systems attributed 46.5% of turnover to Transfers over the 5-year period, while the Bottom 10% of franchise systems attributed only 20.8% to Transfers. The Bottom 10% attributed 30.4% of total turnover to terminations and 34.4% to ceased operations, while the Top 10% attributed only 20.2% to terminations and 23.3% to ceased operations.

Written by FranchiseGrade.com Team
5 year ftr omparison of ealthy unhealthy franchise investments

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