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Kid to Kid

For more than 20 years, the Kid to Kid franchise has been a leader in the growing resale industry providing franchisees a profitable business model and offering families an exceptional shopping experience throughout the U.S., Portugal and Canada.

What We Do
The Kid to Kid franchise offers their shoppers an upscale experience while shopping for new and gently used, name brand children's apparel, toys, books, shoes, baby gear and maternity wear. Unlike typical consignment, Kid to Kid pays their customers cash or offer in-store credit for gently used items and resells them at up to 70 percent less than found in traditional retail. This is recycling at its best as tens of thousands of items find new homes while helping communities stretch their budgets on stylish apparel or gear.  

About Us
Founded in 1992 by a mom with six kids of her own, Kid to Kid was created as a place for parents to buy and sell items their children had outgrown.
As a trademark brand of BaseCamp Franchising, Kid to Kid brings the latest technologies and tools to an industry that’s been experiencing major growth in the past decade. By providing a proprietary buying software and inventory management system, robust employee training, branded marketing and cloud-based reporting tools, we give our franchisees the tools they need to manage stores efficiently and effectively. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we stand behind the mantra that YOUR success is OUR success.

Why own a Kid to Kid
Join a growing franchise that is recognized as one of the best in the country. The Kid to Kid resale franchise not only offers excellent returns, it allows you to contribute to your community by helping families save more and waste less. Kid to Kid is a recognized resale brand that offers franchisees a proven system for success.

Reasons to own a Kid to Kid:
1. Proven Systems for Success
Our robust management tools and extensive training are effective, comprehensive, and streamlined. We’ve combined the best practices of our top stores into a complete store management package making for easier multi-store management, improved staff training and engagement, and dramatically improved operations.
2. Results-driven Marketing
From social media, web and email marketing to in-store graphics, public relations and car wraps, our upscale marketing materials are uniquely designed to speak to our shoppers. Our marketing stays current with today’s trends in design, social media and more.
3. Beautifully-designed Stores
Just because we sell second-hand merchandise doesn’t mean our stores look second-rate. Our stores are designed to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere. From our modern fixtures and lighting to our upscale signage and displays, we believe in creating an extraordinary brand experience.
4. Inventory Management and Appraisal Program (IMAP)
To take the guesswork out of brand valuation, Basecamp Franchising created a proprietary buying software dubbed IMAP (Inventory Management and Appraisal Program). IMAP suggests the price based upon inventory and condition so people from all walks of life and various fashion backgrounds can correctly price an item for sale in the store.
5. Real-time Reporting
With our cloud-based reports, franchise owners can efficiently manage inventory levels, product costs and pricing. These tools can also be accessed remotely, paving the way for store owners to manage multiple stores simultaneously.
6. Extensive Training
New Kid to Kid owners complete a 12-day training program, followed by a 5 day internship. Ongoing training is also available for owners and staff through our online training portals, support calls, site visits, regional conferences, and our annual owner’s conference.
7. Territory Availability
The flexibility to put stores in the best locations in a market is a huge advantage as you consider joining a franchise. Because we are a growing franchise, there are several great locations available in most areas for a new Kid to Kid store. This is especially important if you are looking at owning multiple stores over time to increase your market share or simply make more money. You’ll receive demographic analysis, area mapping, and site selection assistance from our headquarters to help you choose the location that is right for you.
8. Continuous Support
From site selection and store set up to grand opening and growing profits, you’ll have continuous support every step of the way. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, our dedicated team offers computer, operational, marketing and financial support. Plus, our support representatives visit each store at least once a year to offer guidance and support where needed for success. Our owners also build and maintain strong friendships and mentorships with other store owners. 

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Our Ideal Candidate

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We are looking for highly motivated, hard-working people with strong people management skills who are interested in working in a fast-paced enviroment. Full-time involvement is required the first year. 

A Day In the Life of Our Franchisees

Our franchisees stay engaged with the management of their store and retail employees full-time in the beginning but can work themselves into a more semi-absentee role long-term with successful training and management. Day to day activities in the beginning would include buying product from customers, training employees, merchandising the store, checking out customers, the goal being to become an expert in all of these things so that long-term you can focus on employee management and training, inventory management, marketing, and bookkeeping. 
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Franchisee Testimonials

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“I attribute much of my success to the Kid to Kid franchise formula—it works. The other Kid to Kid store owners are a wealth of knowledge as well. It’s so great to know that you are not alone and that you can count on them to tell you their experience.”
Leily & Sam Kiani
Kid to Kid Rockville
“As a Kid to Kid owner, I have control over my own business. I’m able to work within a system that works, that also allows me to be creative in my own market. I enjoy the fact that I’m helping people out by providing a service for them to recycle their items as well as for finding quality children’s stuff at a low price.”
Shannon Unger
Kid to Kid Augusta & Evans
“From an employee problem or legal problem I know I can pick up that phone any moment or email and someone will respond very quickly, almost always within the same day. They are so vested in me as an owner as I am with them, that everything is a service to me. I have never had an experience with BaseCamp that has been anything but supportive, exceptional, and over and beyond. For somebody who has no experience at all in this industry. I can’t believe the support that’s surrounding me, not only from the franchise, but from other franchisees. I know that if I need to work through a strategy or if I have a question about something I can contact a store owner who’s maybe doing a little bit stronger in sales in an area than I am. I know that every aspect of Kid to Kid, from the franchise Basecamp to the owners, that are there are 100 percent there to support me, and every time I have always felt that wind beneath my sails.”
Kori & Michael Forney
Kid to Kid Medford

“I had gone through 3 corporate buyouts in my previous life, I was looking for a business that would fit for my family. I have enjoyed over the 13 years with Basecamp having the flexibility of spending time with my family when I have to do that. That was the attraction of being a small business owner and I can say that I have not missed very many important moments with my kids. If you are looking for a way to spending more time with your family that aspect fit very well for me.”
Mollie Schell
Kid to Kid Wichita