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Report on Smoke and Mirror Franchise Systems

Published on June 11, 2020

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One of the most appealing advantages of buying a franchise, instead of starting a business from the ground up, is that a franchise helps you hit the ground running; it gives you an established business model to launch from and systemic support that’s vital to your success. At least, it’s supposed to.

In theory, though, anyone can create a franchise system and sell it to investors, even someone with no know-how or experience operating a business. The danger to prospective franchisees, and the franchise industry as a whole, is that most of these so-called franchisors are ill-equipped to market, support and administer their franchise system, imaginary or not, which adds a new level of risk for people looking to invest in a franchise.

In our recent report on Smoke & Mirrors Franchise Systems, we identify the reality that a small percentage of franchise opportunities aren’t what they may seem to be, marketed as franchises with no qualifications to support investing in their company.

In the report:

  • How to identify a “Smoke and Mirrors” franchise
  • Which industries/sectors have the most of these franchises
  • Some of the tactics these “franchises” using to sell their systems
  • The potential damage this type of franchise does to the industry’s reputation
  • How to stop the growth of S&M franchises

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