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About Surface Specialists

With kitchens and bathrooms being the most remodeled areas in a home, our concept capitalizes on this ever present market.  Surface Specialists Franchises provide inexpensive bathroom and kitchen repair, refinishing and remodeling alternatives to complete gutting, tear out and fixture replacements.  

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If you are looking for an opportunity where you are not tied to your office all day and where you and your customers receive instant gratification through the renewal of damaged or worn out bathrooms and kitchens; Surface Specialists may be the right franchise for you!
Our franchisees enjoy the ability to set a flexible schedule, leave the confines of the conventional office behind and take charge of their own destiny.  With projects completed in hours and a variety of services to offer; each day is a unique and rewarding experience.
From chip repairs to complete refinishing; we offer customers several options and price points to improve their kitchen and bathrooms.  We also offer a range of inexpensive options for increasing the safety of bathrooms for the aging market and can turn standard bathtubs into a relaxing whirlpool tub in hours.

Unique Characteristics of a Surface Specialists Franchise
You will surely come across other refinishing or remodeling franchise concepts that focus on ONE aspect of the repair/restoration industry; however, none of them purchased alone can compare to Surface Specialists in terms of the quantity of services available to offer your customers:
   Why Choose Surface Specialists:
  • Low overhead
  • Low Investment
  • High Net Profit Margin
  • High Franchisees Satisfaction
  • Home Based Business
  • Earnings Statement Claim
  • Large Protected Territory
  • Experienced Franchisor
  • 24/7 Support
Why put your time and money into a franchise offering one concept when you can become an expert in several?  If our franchise makes sense to you and you are willing and ready to follow our proven system, take the next step and contact us at 866-239-8707 or via email to [email protected] for additional information.
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Our Ideal Candidate

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An ideal Surface Specialists franchise is someone who is hands-on, extroverted, a multi-tasker, operations focused, technical, friendly, responsive, able to follow our system, a relationship builder, detail-oriented, in good health, able to distinguish the color spectrum, flexible, able to handle change, a quick thinker, smart on their feet, not a maverick, open minded, able to work well with their hands, able to fix things, assertive, and a go-getter.
•An individual with blue collar skills and a white collar mindset. 
•A hands-on owner who is reliable, responsive, and possesses high standards for quality
•Is good at working with their hands
•Has an interest in the home improvement industry
•Is able to follow our system model 

If these traits describe you, contact us at 866-239-8707 or fill out our Request for Franchise Information to start the online Discovery Process and we can determine if our franchise is right for you!

Day in the Life

What can you expect for a typical day as a Surface Specialists tub refinishing franchisee?  Since we offer such a variety of services; you may not have a typical day!  One day may be full of chip repairs.  The next day may be a tub refinish in the morning and a counter top repair in the afternoon.  Perhaps the next day includes a tub to shower conversion and a contractor meeting.
Overall, what we hope to offer you is flexibility.  As your own boss, you can structure the day the way you like it and that works around your schedule.  Below is just a peek into a possible day.
  • Rise and shine!
  • Get through your morning routine and grab your coffee.
  • Take the dog for a walk.
  • Get the kids ready for school and walk them to the bus.
  • Walk back into the house and down the stairs to your home based office.
  • Review any messages from the previous evening, check-in with your employees, and get them stocked and going for the day.
  • Hit the road to start working through your jobs.  As your own boss, what did you schedule for yourself today?
  • Maybe your morning jobs happened to be close to home; head home and enjoy lunch with your spouse.
  • Head back out to quote some jobs in the afternoon.
  • Return to the office and confirm schedules for the next day.
  • Head out to watch the kids t-ball game and grab dinner.
  • Finalize any invoicing or paperwork left for the day.
  • Spend more time with your family before heading to bed
Obviously, individual results may vary.  This is also more reflective of the typical day of an established franchise.  As you start out, even as your own boss, your day will be more centered around building your business. We will share the structure of that sort of day with you once you join our franchise system.  We can't give away all our secrets to success up front!

Contact us at 866-239-8707 or [email protected] to learn more and start the Discovery Process.


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We can tell you all day how wonderful our franchise is, yet you'd probably like to hear about the experience directly from our franchise owners.  Here are just a few franchisee referrals from our Surface Specialists franchise owners.

"I didn't have a construction background, formal business skills, or anything that related to this industry but it has been working for me. Within the first month of being in business I was showing a profit!"
Wes Colerider
Surface Specialists® of Charleston, SC

"Owning a Surface Specialists franchise has been a fantastic career choice and a great way to make a living.  I first started in the bathtub repair business with a different company at age 18. 4 years later I was introduced to Surface Specialists and I was extremely surprised by not only how much more there was to offer here, but also by how much higher quality there was to the materials, processes, and scope of work that Surface Specialists offers.
While we are not the only "tub business" in my area nor are we the cheapest, nobody beats our quality,  professionalism, and the amount of different services offered. We have built an awesome reputation and now continually hear from new customers: "We checked all around and everyone we talked to ALL said 'call Surface Specialists, don't even bother with anyone else!'" And that is why we are here to stay while we wave goodbye to the other fly by night businesses!
If someone is looking for a quick buck above all, this isn't the business for you. If however, you want a great career, can offer quality work, care about your customers and are an easy to get along with person, this business certainly has plenty to offer for both career as well as personal growth.
As a Surface Specialists franchise owner, I've been extremely pleased with the support end of the business. The Systems office has always been easy to reach, easy to talk to, and ready to help at all times. I've never felt in the dark about anything and have always felt them to be open to any discussion.
Last, I want to mention that over the years I have really enjoyed the relationships I have built with the other franchise members. At the start I'd talk to others often just to get tips and insights into new ideas and everyone was always more than willing to help out. We are an entire community with decades of experience willing to share with one another. I now consider many of the other franchises much more than just friends, I consider most to be family and I've heard many of the others say the same thing."
Russ Stark
Surface Specialists of Arrowhead Country - Wrenshall, Minnesota.

"Obviously, our background in the construction /remodeling business was a plus for us, but we still had no experience with any of the diverse services that Surface Specialists® offers. In contrast to the remodeling business which can drag on for months with each job. We were drawn to the structure of this business, in that you can satisfy a customer in a very short time, "be the hero" then move on to help your next customer."
Boyce & Carol Cole
Surface Specialists® of Myrtle Beach, SC

"In 1999 Larry was approached by a Surface Specialist franchise owner about a job opportunity.  He was looking for a full time employee.  We had not heard of bathtub repair or refinishing in our little world so we thought he was crazy.  “How many bathtubs could possibly need repair?”  It was the beginning of our awesome adventure.  Larry worked with Lenny for a year or so and when Lenny said he was selling out to retire we jumped on it.  The first year was a learning experience for sure.  We went from getting a weekly paycheck doing jobs that someone scheduled for us, to receiving all the calls and making all the decisions ourselves including the invoicing etc.
We knew we were more than a 9-5 worker bee for someone else so it fit right in our lives.  Larry does the scheduling, the repairing and all the phone work.  The only background he had was painting farm machinery out of high school.  I do all the office work-taxes, accounts receivables/ accounts payable at night after my day job which is 30 years of bookkeeping/banking that helped me fit into my role in the company.  Larry is such an honest inviting personality that people relate to him on the phone and in person.  I feel that was 95% of our success.  You have to be willing to put forth the effort to get the reward.   It has changed our lives completely for the better.  People are so happy to see Larry’s little Surface Specialists truck pull up to fix their problem!  The Surface Specialist family is amazing and always there to lend advice on procedures, office skills or whatever you we may need."
Larry and Vickie Tweed
Surface Specialists LVT, Inc New Auburn, WI

"There have been some ups and downs in getting going, but it has gone very well for us, and the guidance has always been available and continually gets better as the Surface Specialists® System has grown. Surface Specialists® is a very well respected service in this industry and is always striving to improve our methods, and keep up with the latest and best ways of doing our jobs."
Bob & Marsha Murphy
Surface Specialists® of South Central Minnesota, Inc.

"After 20 years in the Information Technology / Project Management Field, I began to look at purchasing a business of my own.   After months of due diligence, I decided on purchasing a Surface Specialists Franchise even though it was completely different than what I had previously done.  It was a lot of work, but with the close guidance and recipe for business success of the Franchisor,  the business selection has definitely been a great decision for my Wife and Myself.  The Surface Specialists Systems, Inc team provides great, continual support when needed and they are always looking for new products and services that we can provide. The opportunities to grow my business have always been there."
Ray & Linda Piedt
Surface Specialists of Charlotte

Ready to learn more about a Surface Specialists Franchise Opportunity? Visit our websites, give us a call, send an email or fill out our form to Request Franchise Info and start the Discovery Process online.  We look forward to meeting you!
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