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About Us

Snaggle Foot Dog Walks & Pet Care is one of the most trusted dog walking and pet care providers in the nation. Each Snaggle Foot pet care franchise is locally owned and operated providing professional pet care right in your neighborhood.
Snaggle Foot Dog Walks & Pet Care strives each day to provide outstanding care to the pets with whom we are entrusted, making sure they receive world-class service and the most stress-free experience possible.
We are the only nation-wide pet care franchise that requires its professionals to complete training in pet CPR and first aid, be bonded and insured, and pass a drug screen, reference check, and eight-point background screen.
We know you are busy. That’s why we provide easy ways for you to schedule a visit, confirm appointments, pay your bill and more all from the convenience of your computer, safely and securely. And while you’re away, we provide consistent updates to provide you with the peace of mind you want and need.
Snaggle Foot provides a wide variety of professional in-home pet care services. All our services are customizable, so if your four-footer only needs a walk a few times a week, we are more than happy to comply. Each independently owned franchise sets their own prices, so please contact your local Snaggle Foot for pricing specifics.
Play, exercise, care, feeding and fun time…our professionals are committed to providing for your pet’s needs…. until you’re home time!
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Our Ideal Candidate

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Our ideal candidate will have a real commiment to their clients. They rely heavily upon you.
Therefore we look for:
Education completed beyond secondary level.
Good communication skills.
A person that is a self-starter, driven to finish, and realiable. Just the type of person you would want to represent you.

A Career That Loves You Back!

For a pet lover, it just doesn’t get any better than making a living out of caring for pets!  Your job appreciation comes from the licks, wags, and purrs of your happy pet clients, which is no doubt an awesome way to spend your days!
As a Snaggle Foot franchise owner, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of all your favorite breeds and four-footed friends by providing an array of in-home pet care services. 
Our most popular services include daily dog walks, pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy breaks, senior care, and overnight house sitting, although as a franchise owner you get to choose which services to offer.  Clients with special needs, or who have pets that could use some extra pampering, can choose from our innovative line of customized services including field trips, socialization sessions, 24-hour on-site care, and “follow the dog walker” days. All our services are customizable, giving ultimate flexibility and convenience to our clients and franchise owners. 
The benefits of our services are plentiful, both to pets and their loving owners.  Instead of enduring the stress that can accompany kennels or traveling, our service provides pets with top-notch care all at home.  No more loud kennels or having to pack up their belongings!  Pets maintain their regular feeding and exercise schedule, and get to sleep in their own wonder pets love us so much!


Snaggle Foot as a franchise, has exceeded our expectations. We have a unique perspective in that we own two franchises, the other being a non-pet related business.  The two franchises couldn't be more different.  On the SF side, we have a corporate office that we feel has our best interest in mind, as well as their own.  With the other, it is obvious they look out for themselves only, at the detriment of their franchisees.  
We became franchisees in 2012, when the company was under different ownership. We were happy with the company then, and a little nervous when we learned there would be new owners.  Since acquiring the business, the new owners have made several improvements, all at no additional cost to us.  As owners, we feel like the corporate staff listens to their franchisees, and acts accordingly.  They ask us what we want/need, and try to provide that for us.  
The initial training was very helpful and we felt we had everything we needed to be successful.  The company also provides ongoing support in the form of marketing materials, promo items, and supplies. 
There is very good communication between SF Corporate and their franchisees.  They are super easy to contact and are very responsive to requests for advice/assistance.  They can be easily reached by email and are open to calls or teleconference if that is what we feel is needed.  If we ask a question they can't immediately answer, they take the time to try and find an answer.  They have also created a Facebook forum that allows individual franchisees to communicate with each other. 
We think Snaggle Foot is a growing brand.  We are excited to be a part of it and to see where it goes from here.  Bobby and I would both recommend anyone wanting to start a pet sitting business to sign on with Snaggle Foot.  It's the best decision we could have ever made.  

 Charmain King

Snaggle Foot LLC has always been great in helping with anything that I may need. From very timely responses via email, to constantly implementing new developments to help all the franchises, it has been great being able to work with them. I am in my 3rd year of ownership of my franchise and every year they put something in place to help with the systematics of the business. I always look forward to the positive changes and enhancements they make.
They also value all of our inputs and take it into consideration, which is very much appreciated!
Janeé Gordon