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Scenthound is the First Wellness-Focused, Membership-Based Dog Grooming Franchise!

We’re Revolutionizing Dog Care

We’re an emerging concept in the pet industry, giving pups the care they deserve and giving pup parents a simple way to stay on top of their dogs’ health. We break down the barriers to routine dog care, making clean, healthy dogs a priority. And our simplified model captures an underserved market, building a dedicated customer base.

What makes Scenthound so special is our approach to overall dog wellness, not just grooming. We’ve developed a unique business model that keeps our pups feeling great, our customers coming back, and our franchisees well ahead of the curve. No one else in the industry is doing what Scenthound is doing.

Healthy, clean dogs are our heart and soul. It’s scientifically proven that dogs keep us happier and healthier, so shouldn’t we do the same for them?

Dogs need more than just the occasional clip to stay clean and healthy. They need routine care for all their doggie parts, from their skin to their coat, ears, nails, and teeth. And yes, that does spell SCENT.

Our services go above and beyond what most dog parents expect from a groomer, and they’re delivered in a way that works for the modern consumer.  Scenthound takes the DIY out of dog care, creating a concept that customers can rely on for all their routine dog care needs.


Parents choose a membership option that works for their budget and their schedule, keeping their dog’s health on track and building a strong customer relationship through repeat business.


After each visit, we give parents a six-point evaluation that helps educate them on their dog’s overall health. Our genuine compassion for their pups creates loyalty with our customers.


We place our Scenters in errand-intensive retail parks, with busy, frequented anchor stores. Our customers get convenience and our franchisees get greater business potential.

Franchise opportunities are currently available in FL, GA, SC, NC and TN.

Dog-Lovers Like You

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Are You an Ideal Scenthound Franchise Partner?

The first thing we’re looking for is a passion for pups.  We want people who wake up every day eager to see some four-legged, fun-loving friends, and who aren’t afraid to get their hands wet helping those dogs lead happier, healthier lives.

Are You a People Person?

As much as we talk about dogs – and we really love talking about dogs – it’s the human customers who are ultimately choosing us for their dog care needs. Any potential franchisee needs to deliver outstanding service to customers of any species. 

Do You Adore Organization?

One advantage to a franchise over a start-up is the proven system that comes along with it. But that also means that franchisees have to follow the system. We want team players who get where we’re coming from, and where we’re going, and want to be with us every step of the way.

What Do You Value?

At Scenthound, keeping dogs clean and healthy, and dog parents well-informed about their pups’ health, isn’t just some slogan, it’s our way of life. As a Scenthound franchisee, you’ll cherish our company values and help instill them in every employee at your Scenter.

When we think about our ideal owners, we think about people who love dogs as much as we do, who want to help every dog they see, and who work to make every Scenthound location the best it can be. If that sounds like you then we want to work, and have fun, with you.

Leading Your Scenthound Pack

Together, with our franchise partners, Scenthound aims to remove the barriers to puppy health, keeping dogs clean and comfortable so they can give more snuggles and more love to their humans. We reflect that goal every day in our company values.

  1. Dog First

  2. One Pack

  3. Bring Love

  4. Seek Growth

  5. Make a Difference


Scenthound Owners are not required to work in the location, and you do not need dog grooming or pet care knowledge or experience.  However, you must have a passion for pups, their health and community, believe in a business driven model, and understand the high value of customer service and community relationships.  In this scenario, the Owner must have the capital to bring on someone that shares our passion for pups, to be trained in the Scenthound way to run the day to day operations. 

Owner/Operators must possess a passion for pups, their health and community.  You are not required to have dog grooming or pet care knowledge or experience, as you will go through training to be the onsite operator of the business.  You should also believe in a business driven model, prioritize customer service and community relationships, and not be afraid to get your hands dirty.  As an Owner/Operator, you would be responsible for all aspects of the business.


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Check out our tail wagging customers and the Scenthound Pack in action, providing wellness-focused grooming services to keep dogs clean, healthy, and ready for snuggles!


More About Us

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Tim Vogel founded Scenthound on a passion for business and a vision of revolutionizing the pet care industry. Along with his wife, Jessica, Chief Brand Officer and the creative mind behind the brand, Tim and Scenthound are out to change the way people care for their dogs and to promote strong connections between dogs and their humans.

Tim and Jessica have been working with dogs since 2005, and loving them for far longer. What started as a mobile dog groomer all those years ago, then moved to a brick and mortar location in 2010. Along the way, they noticed something was missing from the dog grooming industry.

Many dogs, especially the 80% of breeds that don’t require regular haircuts, weren’t getting the routine care they needed. The industry needed to change, so they decided to change it with Scenthound.

"We started this business because we honestly care about every dog we meet. We know that dogs are happiest when they’re clean and healthy, and we know, from experience in the industry, that dogs don’t always get the basic care they need. We saw an opportunity to change that and we jumped on it."    - Tim Vogel, CEO/founder