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About Mint Condition

Are you looking for a strong, wealth-building master franchise* opportunity that has a proven model for success, low start-up costs, and allows you to build your own business within an exclusive territory.

With an established system that will allow you to scale your business quickly, Mint Condition has been in business successfully for 24 years and the service we provide is critical to the health and safety of others. We have built a strong financial model and a experienced team of professionals supporting our Master Franchise owners, and have a high retention rate within commercial cleaning franchises which speaks to the success/scalability of your business and the integrity of our model.

Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked Mint Condition as the 88th fastest growing franchise out of 4000+ franchise systems, and we are 1 of only a handful of commercial cleaning franchise systems in the U.S. offering a master franchisee owner/unit franchisee model*.

     *The Master Franchisee is the company/territory owner and the Unit Franchisee delivers the services supplied by Mint Condition.

We offer revenue replacement guarantee, recurring and compounding revenue, superior recruiting and operational support, a strong digital marketing program, advanced bidding software, and compelling differentiation from our competitors.  

As I was developing the Mint Condition model, my biggest concern was to address the high turnover of franchisees and the inconsistent price of cleaning accounts. I introduced bidding and estimating software that based pricing on the time the franchise would need to properly clean the facility. This was very different than pricing that was commonly used based on cents per sq. ft., which is a system that I felt had a lot of flaws and was frequently inaccurate. I also wanted to eliminate the “churn” of unit franchisees that was consistently high with several competitors. Our “Revenue Replacement Program” created an environment that allowed quality franchises to continue to stay within our system. Our retention rate is very impressive and speaks to the relationship our Master Franchisees maintain with their franchisees. This is the cornerstone of our success and scalability of our system.” – Jack Saumby, President, CEO and Architect, Mint Condition Inc.


Recession-Resistant - In Good Times & Bad

When times are good, many franchise systems can look attractive, but how do they handle those times when things aren’t looking so bright? In the Great Recession of 2008-2009, Mint Condition Master Franchisees continued to grow while many businesses experienced major contractions.  Mint Condition has again proved its sustainability during the current COVID crisis. Our industry was declared an “essential business” and during this time, Mint Condition has introduced two disinfecting programs to offer our customers. Our Touch Point disinfecting program and an Electrostatic Disinfecting have already proven to be very important to our customers and a tremendous revenue source for Mint Condition.  We moved from a business that cleans for appearance to a business that cleans for health.  This is a critical differentiation moving forward.


More on Support

Mint Condition has built a strong support team over its 24-year history. Together with the Mint Condition team of experienced professionals at our Headquarters, we are dedicated to the success of the Mint Condition Master Franchise owners. During your initial training, you will experience actual face-to-face sales calls and recruiting of unit franchise candidates. Once back at your office we will be a phone call away to assist you as you develop your business. You will work for yourself but not by yourself.

Ideal Master Franchise Candidate

Ideal candidates are individuals interested in an executive model that allows for the creation of a Wealth Building Machine where they are working ON the business as opposed to IN the business. This is why Jack Saumby created and has continually improved a far superior path for proven leaders who are ready to control their own futures.

 Ideal candidates possess:

  • Mid to Senior level business executive experience
  • Excellent leadership skills and willing to hold unit franchisee and support teams accountable for high standards, while at the same time building relationships with and between them.
  • Strong management background: proven expertise in past business experience to manage a team and to move the business forward. You need to be able to relate to a diverse group of people from unit franchisees, to customers, to your support staff.
  • Consultative Sales: A sales background is nice but not necessary. If you connect with people and are a problem solver, our consultative sales approach will be an excellent fit to build a large business.
  • Driven personality: This will allow you to use your leadership skills to develop your team within your exclusive territory.

Day In The Life - Driving Revenue

When you open your business, you should have already launched your digital marketing program to recruit your unit franchisees. You will immediately begin conversations with prospective unit franchisees and start scheduling FDD presentations. You will also launch your marketing to secure cleaning contracts. With your database of “Ideal Customers”, you will hire a telemarketer to schedule appointments for you. With a great story to tell and our proven system, you will be pleasantly surprised at your closing ratio to bring customers into your system.


Since this is a recurring revenue model with no cyclical or significant changes in billing from month to month, it makes it easier to determine when to add members to your support team.  One of the 1st positions most Master Franchisees add is either operational support or bookkeeping. You want to focus your energy on driving revenue. Remember your operating costs are increased only as the revenue increases, allowing you to control the growth and profitability of your business.


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What Master Franchisees Have to Say

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Another major key is an ongoing support system. Mint Condition provides support through proven systems for recruiting and training franchise owners, securing new clients, as well as other aspects of the business. The Mint Condition franchise format has helped me to make confident business decisions, analyze trends, and develop growth strategies. I have found Jack Saumby and Mint Condition personnel always accessible. When I’ve run into situations or obstacles that I haven’t faced before, their experience has been a valuable resource for me.” – Michael Miller, President and Master Franchisee, Mint Condition, Middle Tennessee