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A Robust Industry / A Leading Company

Who is ComForCare?
ComForCare is one of the nation’s leading home care franchise companies, operating over 200 territories throughout the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.
Why Invest in a Home Care Franchise?
Home Care is a truly global, expanding and high demand industry that any serious entrepreneur should consider.  While there’s no silver bullet to the challenges that accompany population aging, home care, privately paid for by the care recipient, is emerging as a valuable and vital part of the long-term care solution for millions of people.
Home care is a relatively young industry created as an innovative solution to meet the fast-growing care needs of an increasingly elderly population. It provides seniors a choice about how and where they age and delivers peace of mind to family members who are unable, for a variety of reasons, to provide all the care their elderly loved ones need. Here are just a few demographics and dynamics contributing to the exploding need for our services.
  • Home Care is a $75 billion recession resistant industry
  • In 2020, 56 million Americans will be over 65 (over 10,000 people turn 65 every day)
  • 70% of these folks will need help with activities of daily living (ADL’s) at some point
  • 90% of elderly want to remain in their own homes as long as possible
  • The average base of family support is shrinking rapidly
  • More elderly are living with chronic illnesses, including arthritis, diabetes or Alzheimer's than ever before
  • Patients are discharged from hospitals more quickly and the average length of hospital stays has declined by five days since 1980.
  • More than 49% of women over the age of 75 live alone with no loved one to assist them with ADL’s.*
  • Approximately 12 – 15 Million family members currently care for their aging parents and are not properly trained to do so.
*Data provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), The Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) and the Global Coalition on Aging (GCA)

What Makes ComForCare Different?
ComForCare is recognized as a leader in the home care industry because of our:
  • Superior Care Process - Proven Best Practices to help you Provide the Highest Quality Care
  • Innovative Care Programs - Unique Programs to Educate Families and Engage Clients in Meaningful Activities
  • Elite Caregiver Hiring & Matching Process - Specialized Caregiver Training to Insure Positive Client Experiences
  • Comprehensive Training & Support - Extensive Resources and Expertise to help you Perform with Excellence
 This means that:
ComForCare delivers proactive and engaged care, with innovative programs that empower everyone in the family to live their best life possible.
A Timely & Effective Franchise Solution
All home care companies not are created equal.  At a time in our industry when "differentiation" is a key to success, ComForCare is a proven franchise system that provides you with a number of key advantages as you enter the marketplace.

Simply stated, investigating ComForCare is an investment of your time that is well worth making. Our Awarding Process is straightforward, honest and designed to help you determine if this is truly the right fit for you.

The Ideal ComForCare Owner

ComForCare owners come from all walks of life and various career backgrounds but they have certain things in common:
  • They are successful business professionals with proven track records.
  • They genuinely care about other people.
  • They want to translate their prior success into a new venture that will make a significant impact in their communities.
Financially speaking, our owners typically want:
  • Scalability and long-term growth opportunity from multiple revenue channels
  • Reasonable investment and high potential return on their investment
  • Equity build opportunity and a sound exit strategy when the time is right
From a brand equity standpoint, they desire:
  • Unique points of difference from competitors that create real opportunities for growth
  • Effective marketing strategies & tools to help them maximize their referral source and client relationships
  • Excellent training and ongoing support that allows them to deliver the highest quality of care possible
Finally, they all want to be known in their local market as a leader.

A Day In The Life of a ComForCare Owner

A day in the life of a ComForCare owner involves wearing many hats but their primary roles and objectives can be best summarized as outlined below in the following order or priority and involvement.
  1. Business Development & Marketing (approximately 60-70 percent of focus)
  2. Team Development - Recruitment and Retention of Caregivers and other Key Team Members (25-30 percent focus)
  3. Care Process Oversight - Insuring that Best Practices are Implemented and Maintained (15-20% of focus)
  4. Financial Management and Administration - (15 percent focus)
There is obvious overlap in terms of the actual time spent on each but it is clear that the owner's involvement, management and oversight of these key functions are vital. Every owner is unique, but all have a finger on the pulse of their individual business.

In the end, our successful owners will tell you that ultimately it all about doing whatever it takes to complete our mission to "Improve the quality of life and level of independence for every client and family that we serve."

Every owner will end up creating something that is uniquely their own while staying true to ComForCare's core values and industry leading service standards.

ComForCare Tesimonials

For a full tour of franchisee and vendor videos, franchisee testimonials and other important information, please visit There's a lot to learn, and we would rather let you see our owners talk about the most important issues they deal with every day.