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Total Investment: $87,000 - $115,800
Franchise Fee: $39,500
Franchised Outlets: 19
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About Carebuilders at Home

Carebuilders at Home has a franchise fee of $39,500 with an initial investment range of $87,000 to $115,800. They offer designated territory and have a 10-year agreement term. Carebuilders discloses average gross revenue of $632,000 and ranges up to $1,800,000.

Made The Grade™ Certified

Our Franchise Analysts have professional reviewed this franchise and determined it to be a great investment. As such, we've awarded it our Mtg ribbon black certification, indicating that Carebuilders at Home scored in the top 20%! As a Home Care franchise in the Personal Services sector, this franchise is at the top of its class.

Are you thinking about buying a Carebuilders at Home franchise?

Congratulations! Carebuilders at Home is an Mtg ribbon black / Made The Grade™ Franchise! Made The Grade™ franchises are some of the healthiest and most successful franchises. Carebuilders at Home is one of 2,500+ franchise systems we grade and compare. It is compared to all Personal Services franchises and all Home Care franchises.

How much does it cost to open a Carebuilders at Home franchise?

Carebuilders at Home costs up to $115,800 to open. This includes a franchise fee of up to $39,500. You will also need additional funds, or working capital of $25,000 to have on hand when you open the franchise for costs such as advertising and staff wages.

Is Carebuilders at Home a good franchise to buy?

Analyst Notes & Comparative Analysis

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Our Franchise Analysts have prepared detailed notes about Carebuilders at Home, covering topics such as system growth, closures and turnover, financial transparency, initial and renewal terms, and royalties.

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