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The Health Food Store for Dogs and Cats!

The owners of Ben’s Barketplace®, Brad and Sally Romero, decided long ago to embark on their mission to educate pet owners on how to maintain pets’ health and vitality. Sally opened Ben’s Bark Avenue Bistro in 2005, and upon his retirement five years later, Brad joined the business. More than ten years and thousands of healthy pets later, and now in a booming pet supply economy, they renamed and trademarked their original brand concept – Ben’s Barketplace®, The Health Food Store for Dogs and Cats.
A new player in the franchise industry, Ben’s Barketplace has definitely “Made the Grade,” according to Operating since 2005, Ben’s Barketplace is a retail health food pet store franchise that offers premium quality pet food, toys and related products, as well as information and education for pet owners about proper diet and maintenance of pets’ overall health.

Pet Lovers Wanted!

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Interacting with our customers is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a Ben's Barketplace store. You make a difference in your customers’ lives by helping them remedy their pets issues through proper and specific nutritional recommendations. You are now a part of their family.

Customers tell us that they come back time and again because they value the relationship as much as our expert knowledge and the top-quality products we supply. You can’t buy that type of loyalty.

Welcome to Ben's Barketplace!

After opening your Ben's Barketplace, you will feel the true excitement and great feelings of coming to work in your own health food store for dogs and cats. It such a social and fun place to be. Although there is always a lot of work to be done, it is fun work. It's never to much to stop and pet your next four legged visitor and grab healthy treat to share with them.

You'll hear from your customers how when they get within a mile or so of the store, their dog knows where he's going. The tails wag, the unbridled excitment of their next visit to Ben's Barketplace! We hear it everyday.

Your store will be well stocked and the new information that you'll be able to share. Then when they return after a week or two and hear the stories of the success that their beloved pet has made in just a short period of time. The feeling you get is so rewarding and so compelling.

These folks will share their story and their experinece with their friends and family. The wonderful treatment they had in your Ben's Barketplace and more importantly the specific information that they received and had never heard about before. 

This is a magnet attraction, a fulfillment they have never realized before. It just makes sense to them and you shared it with them and made that HUGE difference in their pets life! 

That's a day in the life of Ben's Barketplace!

We Fix Dogs and Cats!

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The single largest contribution you can make to your pets health
and longevity is the quality of food that you provide for them!
-Brad Romero, Co-Founder

Ben’s Barketplace franchisees make a difference by providing pet owners with the highest quality foods and products on the market. Ben’s Barketplace provides franchisees with a leading retail franchise business model that clearly navigates the rapidly growing pet industry.

Our "Brand" is our consultation and providing the necessary information for pet owners to repair their pets nutritional foundation with readily available national brands, which in turn results in a happier and healthier pet for life! 

Ben’s is actively seeking highly qualified individuals to open new, single-unit and multi-unit franchise opportunities. Additionally, the first five Ben’s Barketplace franchisees to come on board will be offered a discounted franchise fee!

What better time than now to join one of fastest growing sectors within the franchise industry?