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About 101 Mobility

The Nation's Leader in Independence.

101 Mobility is one of the largest providers of mobility and accessibility solutions throughout the U.S.

Focusing on quality and customer service, 101 Mobility is here to provide seniors and disabled individuals with professional, established mobility and accessibility solutions. With over 150 territories being served throughout America, 101 Mobility stands out as an industry leader.

Seniors, disabled and special needs individuals all over the nation depend on 101 Mobility for our exceptional products, services and solutions – stair lifts, auto lifts, ramps, vertical platform lifts, elevators, bathroom safety and more.

Franchise Fees can range from $41,000 to $63,500 or more, depending on population size, with a total investment range of $114,060 to $210,120.

As of December 1, 2016 101 Mobility has 54 franchise owners, with 57 locations spread over 150 territories.

101 Mobility is Different Than the Rest

19% of Americans live with a disability. 14.5 % of Americans are 65 and older, and by 2030, 20% of Americans will be 65 or older.* Because of 101 Mobility businesses, more of these people will be able to live independently for years in their own homes, with the people they love, doing the things they enjoy.

Many of our competitors, which consists mostly of “mom and pop” companies and anonymous online firms, take advantage of the target market by offering cheap, unreliable products.

Market Opportunity

101 Mobility serves the aging, baby boomer, disabled, and those who choose to "age in place", meaning live out their twilight years at home, versus an assisted living facility or retirement home. The huge increase in the number of people choosing to stay at home during their later years is corresponding to incredible opportunities in the market for 101 Mobility. As the nation's first comprehensive home mobility products seller, installer, and service provider; 101 Mobility is answering an enormous market demand for products formerly available primarily online, with absolutely no installation, face-to-face service, or support.

"World demand for home patient support equipment is forecast to increase 5.5 percent annually to $5.7 billion in 2016. Mobility assist products will continue to dominate sales as fast growth in the elderly population will create opportunities for wheelchairs, walkers, and other products that help orthopedically impaired individuals maintain independent lifestyles. Home medical furniture and bathroom safety products will also fare well in the global marketplace as patient care strategies in most developed and some developing countries shift toward the greater use of home settings." 
- Freedonia Group 

The 101 Mobility business model is a strong, effective, and time-tested one that stands out in a fragmented industry. We supply high quality, in-demand products, with access to the top suppliers. We provide sales, installation, and follow-up services that simply cannot be matched by smaller independent dealers and installers.

Plus, the 101 Mobility business model provides you, as the franchise owner, with multiple potential revenue streams: stair lifts, auto lifts, ramps, porch lifts, power wheelchairs, scooters, related medical equipment and more - for senior citizens, the disabled, and the hospitals and businesses that are required by law to provide accessibility solutions for them!

The time is right for 101 Mobility. And this could be the right opportunity for you!

Why Choose 101 Mobility?

Are you looking for an opportunity to secure your future with a business that is both professionally and personally rewarding? 101 Mobility can offer you just that. 

As one of the largest dealers of accessibility and mobility products and solutions, with a franchise network covering multiple states across the country, we are on the move and seeking motivated entrepreneurs who can help us reach our goals. 

With your dedication to the 101 Mobility franchise program, we will provide access to our business system, best-in-class accessibility and mobility products, comprehensive training, marketing, and more. It’s all been designed and planned by experienced leaders committed to helping you grow your franchise business. 

101 Mobility offers a proprietary operating system that provides a franchise owner the ability to manage all aspects of their business. We also maintain a marketing department that is focused on customer acquisition and retention. We have a two week in-house and on-site training program focused not only on products, but also on maximizing sales and managing finances with an eye on running your businesses profitably. 

Join our franchise system now to become part of an established concept, a hard-working professional team, and a booming market. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

101 Mobility franchisees have been enjoying growing revenues year after year. 
Although growth typically varies from franchise to franchise, our 101 Mobility® businesses open the full term of 2013-2015 saw a 40.16% average jump in total completed sales during that period. During the same term, owners also saw a 48.21% average increase in total rental payment revenues. 

As you go through the discovery process, you will have the opportunity to attend a “validation” call with existing 101 Mobility franchise owners. On this call, you will be permitted to ask direct questions about earning potential to the owners hosting the call. 

Our Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19 contains information regarding average revenues. 

Ideal 101 Mobility Franchise Owner

Who Makes a Good 101 Mobility Franchise Owner? 

Attitude. They are highly independent take charge individuals who are goal oriented. They are focused on results and not afraid to take risks. They are defined by their authoritative leadership style, are highly independent with internal locus of control. 

Business Acumen. They have business building experience and a firm understanding of the start-up process. Our best franchisees know how to MAKE MONEY. 

Sales Ability. Their relationship development skills are strong, which is important in the early building phase of the business. 

Resources. They have adequate resources to make the appropriate investments in infrastructure and meet personal expenses in the building phase of the business. 

Personality. They play well in the sandbox. They are someone we can partner with for the next 10-15 years. 

We are looking for business owners who are driven to build their business in a way that will fulfill its greatest potential and who are driven to make money. The ideal candidate will excel in building and managing teams, problem solving, customer service, and shaping lasting business relationships.

101 Mobility Franchise owners come from very diverse areas with very diverse backgrounds.  However, those who can seem to excel more quickly have backgrounds and experience in outside sales, relationship development, territory management and employee management.  Past small business ownership and/or a background in construction or home improvement can be a plus, but is not a must.  The Franchise owner is not usually the one doing the actual installation work.

A Day in the Life

8:00 - I arrive at the office to start the coffee pot. I attempt to get through a few emails while there is still some silence. 

8:15-9:00 - Employees arrive to load delivery trucks. I head over to the scheduling team to see what the techs will be working on for the day. I make sure they have appropriate products and paperwork in order to complete their jobs. Many of the evaluations were performed by me so I give last minute instructions on a few peculiarities of the jobs. About this time customers call to reschedule or with a new maintenance request. Last minute schedule changes and flip-flopping of the days installations are considered normal. 

9:30 - I head back to the scheduling team — It seems we have a couple of folks that are looking to move fast on a stair lift and we are working to set up an evaluation ASAP. The first person through the door generally wins, so getting these evaluations scheduled is top priority. We work on quotes for the next hour in between the ringing phones of potential new business. 

10:30 - Finally making it back to my own desk, I realize I have nine more emails since I last checked two hours ago. Most of them are junk but one is a web lead from a manufacturer. I immediately send this request to the team and make sure a call is being placed to them within the hour. I attempt to catch up on my bookkeeping for the next 30 minutes but soon get dragged away. 

11:00 - A customer we have been speaking with for two weeks finally called back and is ready for their evaluation. As most of our team is already scheduled for the day, I jump in the car and head towards their house. One hour later I have made a new friend and closed a stair lift sale. Working the installation into the next few days schedule will be tricky, but we will make it happen. 

12:30 - Arrived back at the office and everything seems to be running smoothly. We received a couple of new customer calls from people who are just looking for general information. I return a few calls and start in on the emails once again. 

1:30 - I get a call that one of my installers is missing some parts and pieces to complete his job. So I grab a part from the warehouse and head off to the job site. Once I arrive, I offer a hand; and in the process, I get covered in dirt. It’s all in a days work. 

3:00 – The office team is steadily cranking away on quotes and answering the phones. All four of them are currently on the phone now so that means I am temporarily on phone duty. I don’t want to miss a single call. 

3:30- Finally I am able to get some of my own work done: paying upcoming invoices, ordering more inventory, and returning a few calls to manufacturers. I have made a decision to move forward with a new marketing campaign and am putting the finishing touches on the advertising proof. 

4:30 - We just received an additional maintenance request, but the customer happens to be on the way back to the shop for my technician. I’ll call him to make sure he stops by to get it fixed. 

5:30 - Most of the employees have left and the silence is once again starting to take over the office. I find that the next hour is generally my most productive of the day. I truly look forward to it. No interruptions and I am able to concentrate on items I didn’t get done and that was on my list. Somehow I forgot to eat lunch so I’ll find a snack in the break room. I put the final tally together of the sales for the day and start processing payments. It seems we did alright as we had 4 installations completed, 2 evaluations done, and a handful of decent calls that will likely turn into sales by next month. 

6:30 - On my way out the door, there is a last minute call. Another stair lift lead and they aren’t too far from my home. I promise them I’ll head right over. I grab the extra 101 Mobility shirt hanging behind my office door, make a quick wardrobe change, and head out.
—Gordon Raney, 101 Mobility (Dallas, Tulsa, and Little Rock) 

Franchise Owner Testimonials

There are some great testimonial videos from a diverse group of existing 101 Mobility Franchise owners.  These videos are available for viewing here:
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