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B2B Automotive Parts Distribution

1-800 Radiator & AC is a B2B automotive parts distribution network.  This brand focuses on select product lines which allows them to have significantly greater availability for quick same day delivery compared to the competition, which are the part stores.

Proprietary stocking algorithms allow franchises to be in stock 90-95% of the time.  This is compared to the competition's 20-30% levels.  Having the part on hand and available for quick same-day delivery makes us the preferred vendor for the service shops.  Same-day delivery is critical for these shops, we can see that our close rates are 3.5-4x higher when the part is available for same-day compared to next-day delivery.

1-800 Radiator & AC becomes the primary supplier for the product lines carried, by offering higher quality parts at a competitive price.  Failure rates run at half the industry standard. Having higher quality parts available for same-day delivery at competitive prices helps keep customers loyal.

New product lines are part of this network's growth strategy.  Adding new product lines allows local franchisees to accelerate their growth by leveraging relationships with existing buying customers.  When new product lines are introduced, it's a turnkey solution for the franchisee.  Extensive market research and testing occurs well before they are introduced into network.  Financing is available for new inventory, operational and marketing support provided for a successful launch.


Simple & Proven Business Model

This is a simple business model.  Franchisees that excel in following the stocking models to run low out of stock levels as well as execute marketing programs that are provided for you by our marketing experts have the highest market penetration within their markets.

As a franchisee you will have access to all the tools needed to be successful as well as a dedicated support staff of subject matter experts to help you succeed across all aspects of the business.  While we distribute automotive parts, no automotive knowledge or experience is needed to succeed.  There are very few owners within the network that have come from the automotive industry.

Are you?
  • Process Oriented
  • A Team Builder
  • Looking for a simple business model with repeat customers and distinct competitive advantages?
If so, this could be a fit.


A Day in the Life

As a 1-800 Radiator & AC franchisee you will receive all of the tools to be successful as well as support to make sure that you have complete visibility into your business.  This allows you to focus on the areas that generate results.  Below are areas that an owner will focus during typical week.
  • Working with franchisor support staff to review:
    • Current marketing activities, reviewing owner reporting to give visibility into how staff is executing the program.
    • Upcoming marketing program launches
    • Key Metric reporting to identify areas of strength and weaknesses 
    • Employee ranking reports.  Always have visibility into performance of key employees
  • Weekly stock orders
    • Tools make this an easy process.  Once a week ordering typically takes 1-2 hours of an owners time.
  • Outbound Calls & Sales Visits
    • While your employees will do the bulk of this activity, dedicating part of your time to speak to visit large customers or make a phone call to a new customer to thank them for a recent purchase goes a long way with this customer base.
  • Fill in as needed to keep the operation running smooth
    • Answer a few calls during peak call volume
    • Run a part to a customer that needs a part ASAP when you do not have a driver readily available
    • etc


"We entered the network just over a year ago.  In the first year we have just about doubled revenue.  The support we receive is top notch, the team at the corporate office is truly invested in our success.  The model is easy to execute, sometimes I need to tell myself to not over complicate things.  Just work the model."  Harry Gates

"I started with the network with a single location in 2005.  I purchased the business because I was tired of working in the corporate world and was ready to go off on my own. I now have 6 locations with $10m in annual revenue.  Back in 2005 when I was just starting out I did not think I would have an operation this big.  Safe to say that initial investment has exceeded all of my expectations."  Daniel Mcrae

"When I was first introduced to the brand, I was a bit nervous because the previous owner had stalled with revenue around $550K. Working with the franchise development team the previous owners issues became very clear.  They depleted the inventory and ran high out of stock %'s and did not do any marketing.  I saw the path to success and when I saw the tools that would be available to me I was blown away.  In my previous life I sold software to major corporations.  What they built was better then what I was selling.  I am happy to say that my revenue is approaching $1m almost doubling what the previous owner did in the first year." Jerry Dewberry

"I opened my location back in 2005 and I am the original owner for this market.  Executing the model showed consistent growth thru the years.  My revenue is north of $2.8m which has provided a very healthy income and lifestyle.  I thought I was about 5 years away from retiring.  However, after meeting with my financial adviser this past May, he informed me that with the equity built in the business I can comfortably retire tomorrow if I sold.  I actually am in the process of selling the business and it looks like I will be enjoying that retired life at the start of 2020.  It was a great investment for myself and family"  Michael Hunt