Always Dreamed of Owning a Restaurant?

Always Dreamed of Owning a Restaurant?

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The QSR restaurant sector, sometimes defined as fast casual, includes national chains, regional chains, franchises, and independent operators. Although, franchises and multi-franchise operators comprise approximately 10% of all QSR establishments, the group accounts for 65% of revenues. QSR franchises permit independent owners to use a well-known brand name and benefit from the purchasing capabilities and operational proficiency of the franchisor, in exchange for an initial franchise fee and on-going royalty payments.

The restaurant industry can be a great investment opportunity for new and experienced franchisees alike!

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Burger and Sandwich Franchises

Our Top Burger & Sandwich Franchises

A long time staple of the franchise food sector, burger and sandwich franchises can trace its roots to the early days of franchising. These franchises represent some of the most recognizable brands in the quick service restaurant space. A number of these brands have gained recognition throughout the world.

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Coffee and Bakery Franchises

Our Top Coffee & Bakery Franchises

In recent years there has been a strong and growing interest in franchises that feature coffee and bakery products. When people think coffee, Dunkin Donuts and Star Bucks come to mind but a number of more recent franchise concepts have gained significant popularity. Many of these franchises offer coffee, tea and sandwiches in a European themed location. As these concepts grow in popularity so will the franchise networks that have the ability to transport customers to a unique experience.

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Chicken and Rib Franchises

Our Top Chicken & Rib Franchises

This franchise category includes some of the most dynamic brands in the franchise industry. Whether these franchises serve chicken wings, pork ribs or a variation of both these franchise continue to enjoy sustained popularity and growth. Individuals seeking a franchise business might consider the stability of these mainstays of the franchise industry.

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Sub and Sandwich Franchises

Our Top Sub & Sandwich Franchises

Whether it’s called a hero, sub or grinder these American style sandwich continues to grow in popularity. Led by a number of franchise brands sub and sandwich franchises can be found in countries from China to South Africa. Sub and sandwich franchises can be found in malls, airports and even on college campuses. Typically simple in design and operation, the investment in these franchise can fit the capability of a variety of investors.

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Ethnic Franchises

Our Top Ethnic Franchises

As the U.S. population continues to diversify so does the desire for people to enjoy foods that they have been accustomed to eating. The increased growth in Hispanics, Asian and other ethnic groups has led to the emergence and growth in franchises that offer items this segment of the population seeks. Whether its bubble tea, Mexican cuisine or Sushi franchising has continued to play a greater role in the development and growth of these diverse concepts. For those interested in a franchise that seeks to tap into the opportunity that ethnic franchises offer.

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Pizza Franchises

Our Top Pizza Franchises

When we think of franchising one concept that immediately comes up is pizza. As a long time mainstay of the franchise industry, pizza franchises include some of the best known brands in franchising and some lesser known regional brands. American pizza is known throughout the world and this recognition has been driven by the expansion of U.S. pizza franchises in other countries.

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Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Franchises

Our Top Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Franchises

The increased demand for frozen desserts has been led by the emergence of healthy frozen yogurt products. Frozen desserts was once the domain of ice cream and soft serve franchises. Over the past several years frozen yogurt franchises have joined the group. With the capability to fit into different size locations from free standing to kiosks these franchises can serve a number of markets. The flexibility and varying investment requirements of frozen dessert franchises will continue to fuel the growth of this franchise category.

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