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4 Facebook Tips your “Friends” will not just “Like” but Love

Published on May 10, 2017

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Having an active Facebook presence is a must for any business in the digital age. From a small family run landscaping company to a large multinational corporation, each must have easily accessible Facebook accounts to engage with their customers on a personal level. This allows businesses to interact with customers, address potential concerns, launch promotions and advertise in a targeted and measurable fashion.

As of Q4 2016, there are 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook, making it the biggest social networking service based on global reach and total active users. With this large of a potential reach, why would you risk not being available on Facebook? With ever changing customer interests, segments and trends, you must stay up-to-date with your social media activity and promotions.

Be Mobile or Be Invisible
Over 1 billion active users access Facebook via their mobile devices – a staggering number which accounts for 70% of all mobile users worldwide. This number is expected to rise to 75% by 2018. In the United States 80% of Facebook’s active users access the platform on their mobile device. So, get mobile and reach your potential customers wherever and whenever.
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What’s in it for me?
And by me, I really mean You. Create engaging content that puts a focus on what the end user really wants. Ask them what they need and what they think of your product, and provide them with creative and relevant messages to meet their specific needs. Take the time to review your campaigns to see if they are interesting and if they tell a story.

Bullseye on Your Target Audience
This isn’t like catching fish in a net. One approach is unlikely to reach all your potential customers. It’s key to create an evolving strategy to seek out and aim to convert people into advocates for your brand, by engaging the core customers. Don’t forget who your core customers are instead of trying to appeal to a segment of the population who is not interested in your product.

Video Killed the Other Advertisers
Facebook and its video marketing strategy are dominating the likes and shares portion of all the activity on Facebook. One of the newest releases in Facebook’s video marketing strategy, is the launch of Facebook Live. This is one of the most interesting releases of all the new Facebook features. You can set alerts to your account for pages you like. You are then informed when that page goes “live”. You can watch the broadcast and interact directly on Facebook with other followers of the same page, brand or personality. The amount of video content users consume has doubled since 2015 to over 8 billion views per day. Facebook videos are set to auto-play so it gets the users’ attention right away.

With the massive reach that Facebook offers your brand, you would be doing a large disservice to your business in neglecting this avenue to reach out to potential and existing customers. Make sure you get out there and start your Facebook marketing campaigns today.

About the Author: Jeff Stephenson
Providing thought leadership and a creative perspective. As a media specialist with experience on both sides of the franchising spectrum, I have a passion for helping people find their dream franchise and working with them to better their lives. Working as a Media Marketing Manager gives me the thrill of creating and contributing to many areas of this amazing industry. Each day I look forward to learning about the exciting news that is happening in franchising and sharing this with all the people in my network. With campaigns that have been recognized in Marketing Mag, I have crafted the ability to engage, inspire and relate to all of my clients throughout my career and personal life.

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