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4 Common Myths About Blue-Collar Franchises

Published on November 22, 2021

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Let’s face it, sometimes there’s a misperception about the nature of blue-collar work. Many people hear the phrase “blue collar” and automatically picture a job they have no desire doing. Their thoughts lean towards hard, manual labor, they think are meant for people eager to get their hands dirty.

In some cases, they picture jobs with low ceilings and no room for advancement, an assumption that’s not always tied to facts. You could argue these are stereotypes that were created because of the jobs themselves. It’s the same thing for blue-collar franchises. Some people overlook the potential of blue-collar franchises because of what the businesses do, and not on the business’ ability to be profitable.

While blue-collar executives may know the industry inside and out, they might hear some things along the way that will deter them from moving forward with opening their own business. Here are some of the more common misconceptions about blue-collar franchises that you should ignore.

  1. Blue-Collar Businesses Don’t Make As Much Money:  What many people don’t realize is that eight of the top ten highest earning industries for small business ownership come from the blue collar sector. What’s more, they generally have more staying power as well. After all there is always a need for construction, cleaners, garbage removal, plumbers, electricians and more, while white collar businesses can be more based on trends.
  2. Owning A Blue Collar Business Is Boring: If a blue collar executive has spent their entire career climbing the ladder, they know this myth simply isn’t true. That still doesn’t mean however they won’t hear it over and over, and maybe start to believe it just a little bit. Many people believe that white collar careers are never mindless or tedious, but that’s not the case. Statistics show that 90% of office workers waste time during their day, with 60% of them wasting at least an hour and 30% wasting two or more hours each day. So which business really is the most boring? The one that runs out of the office, that shows people are unchallenged and bored with their work, or a blue collar business where the company and it’s workers meet new people every day, visit new places, and tackle new problems?  On average, it’s been proven that blue collar companies are more stimulating and satisfying than any other type of business.
  3. Blue Collar Franchises Require Harder Work: Many entrepreneurs tend to look down on blue collar businesses because they associate them with dirty, hard work. The reality is however, it doesn’t matter what type of business they open, an entrepreneur is going to have to work hard to make their business successful. Ambition without hustle won’t get anyone anywhere. Blue collar executives looking to buy a franchise are not afraid of putting in a little elbow grease to get what they want either.  While it is true that the type of hard work may be different, with blue collar franchise ownership requiring more physical hard work than mental, it doesn’t mean the entrepreneurs will be automatically less happy because of it. Passion for what a business is doing makes it more fulfilling, no matter what is being done.
  4. There Are No Great Opportunities Left: When an entrepreneur is looking for a franchise to buy, they generally look for the latest and greatest, not to mention the most fulfilling new opportunities they can find. Doing this is extremely limiting and finding it can take a long time to do. For blue collar executives however, they know that franchises in the skilled trades are always a great opportunity. They bring with them consistency that can be hard to find, and generally most of their services are needed across the country at any given moment.

There are pros and cons for every type of franchise, and entrepreneurs need to look them all over before moving forward. They also need to look beyond any myths that present themselves and get to the truth of the matter before making any sort of decision. Blue-collar executives looking to make the leap to business ownership may already know the truth about the industry they want to invest in, but sometimes it is hard to ignore the chattering going on all around them.

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