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With below average business and labour costs and less red tape, The Bluegrass State is open for business.


While it’s not located in the middle of the United States, Kentucky has the natural advantage of being located at the epicentre of its population.

What this means is that two thirds of the U.S population can be reached within a day by driving from any one of the state’s borders. Because of this, Kentucky is the hub of domestic and international transport, with the UPS Worldport, Amazon Prime and a DHL Express Global Hub being located there. The Kentucky government is also making it easier for entrepreneurs to open their businesses and franchises by creating a goal to eliminate at least one-third of their regulations. Cutting the red tape helps the state become more business friendly in the long run and improves the state’s business climate. This is especially important for small businesses, which make up more than ninety percent of the companies in the state. Studies have also shown that it's less expensive to operate a business in Kentucky, with below average business costs, including lower labor costs. In addition, Kentucky offers businesses reimbursable grants and tax credits for classroom and on-the-job training, pre-employment job screening and job recruitment fairs.