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The economy is booming in The Centennial State, making it an ideal place to open a franchised business.


From the stunning scenery of the Rocky Mountains to top-notch recreational opportunities, a moderate climate and excellent schools, Colorado has it all when it comes to attracting people and businesses.

The state provides small business resources to help entrepreneurs and attract new businesses and have made affordable business training courses and programs available as well. All of this helps Colorado achieve a top ten start-up activity score. It’s not just business start-up where the state is strong however, more businesses are created than closed each year there, which is a great sign for new entrepreneurs. Colorado also has a competitive business tax structure that rewards investment, saving companies some of their hard-earned money, and is ranked number one for the number of loans given to small businesses. Tourism is a major economic driver as well, with over eighty-five million visitors entering the state per year, spending well over twenty-two billion dollars. Businesses and franchises can capitalize on this to help drive their profits. Whether entrepreneurs know it or not, Colorado is one of the top states in the U.S. to consider when looking for a place to open their business.