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The Equality State has a great tax climate, low operating costs and an educated workforce, making them attractive to franchises.


Wyoming is a bit of a paradox, in that it's the 10th largest state in terms of area, but has the smallest population of all the states.

While residents enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and peaceful lifestyles, business owners reap the benefits of being in a state that highly rewards them for opening there. Wyoming’s business tax climate is perfect for starting a franchise in that they don’t have a corporate income tax, individual income tax or gross receipts tax. The sales tax rate of the state is also favourable, ranking in the top 25% of states. Running a business in Wyoming is also advantageous for small businesses and new entrepreneurs thanks to their low operating costs, low energy costs and their educated workforce. Another paradox about Wyoming is that while they have the fourth-highest rate of new entrepreneurs in the United States, they also have a great record when it comes to business survival, with a ratio of businesses being created to those closing of 1.61:1. Wyoming’s Republican government has a great reputation of being well-managed and stable as well, which helps make the environment more conducive to business growth and development.