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West Virginia

The costs for running a business in the Mountain State is thirteen percent lower than the national average.


The laid-back, friendly and welcoming attitude of West Virginia is perfect for raising a family and running a franchise.

The standard of living is so high that the well-educated work force has the lowest turn-over and highest productivity rates in the United States. Thanks in part to low property taxes, the cost of living in West Virginia is 8 percent lower than the U.S. average. It’s not just the people that prosper in the state either, but businesses as well. The costs for running a business is 13 percent below the national average (the lowest in the United States), and with the state phasing in several business tax reductions (not to mention not having a raise in general taxes in two decades) that number should continue to decline. The number of new businesses registered in the state continue to climb at an astounding rate as well, with close to a 25 percent increase over the last decade. To make starting and running businesses even easier, West Virginia’s Secretary of State opened the One Stop Business Center, which is a first-of-its-kind center in the nation that helps make filing new business registrations easier than ever before. It brings together four government agencies essential to business under one roof and allows new entrepreneurs to file registrations in as little as one hour. This allows barriers to be removed than can slow the growth of new ventures. West Virginia is a state on the rise when it comes to business, and with a dedicated government behind the growth, it can only continue to climb.