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The educated workforce and state plan to cut regulations by a quarter make the Old Dominion State great for business.


The state of Virginia is well-known for its high education levels and rich historical presence, but entrepreneurs know that it's also one of the best states to open and run a business or franchise in.

Not only that, but it also ranks among the top ten states best prepared to navigate the ever-changing economy. The workforce in the state is the top in the U.S., and with nearly thirty-eight percent of adults owning a bachelor’s degree or higher, Virginia is in the top ten for educational attainment as well. The state is also known for its business friendliness, with several business tax incentives and a government that recently signed into law a bipartisan program to cut business regulations by twenty-five percent within three years. While Virginia has a better-than-average opportunity share of new entrepreneurs, it’s their business survival rate that is the most impressive. Virginia sees nearly twice the amount of businesses opening to those closing, which is the best ratio in the country. The quality of life in Virginia is such that it’s great for raising a family as well. The natural, breathtaking beauty isn’t defined by just the large coastline, pristine beaches, major rivers or Blue Ridge mountains, but a combination of it all. The state is perfect for outdoor activities from swimming, biking, canoeing, camping and more, meaning residents never run out of things to do. Between the great schools and southern hospitality, Virginia easily showcases why they are one of the best states in the U.S.