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The Green Mountain State is a big supporter of small business, and gives several incentives and tax breaks to help them out.


Small businesses are vital to Vermont's stable economic climate.

While other states may require a little digging to figure out what their nickname means, Vermont’s perfectly describes the location. The Green Mountain state has plenty of enticing green areas, from mountain peaks and lush valleys, to vibrant forests perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. Vermont is much more than a beautiful state however, it’s also one of the best places to raise a family due to its top-rated schools, low crime rates and world-famous craft beer. The state is also well known for being big supporters of small businesses and franchises. Fifty-seven percent of companies in Vermont have one to four employees, meaning small businesses are important to the economy of the state. Another benefit entrepreneurs look at while considering Vermont as a place to set up their businesses is the proximity to other major cities, including Boston, because it helps give them a wider consumer base. There are several incentives and tax breaks that can help new businesses as well, including the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive, which provides cash payments to businesses in a variety of industries if they meet specific performance requirements, and the Vermont Opportunity Zone program, which rewards businesses with tax incentives if they open or expand their business in certain areas of the state.