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A top transportation infrastructure, great state support and quality labor, make the Keystone State perfect for franchises.


While Pennsylvania isn’t one of the largest states in terms of geography, it is the fifth most populous and one of the most densely populated.

Many entrepreneurs look to the state to locate their businesses and franchises because Pennsylvania is well known for its highly educated and quality work force, abundance of employees, top of the line transportation infrastructure, proximity to other large cities such as New York and D.C., low costs and the amount of state-provided support. There are over one million small businesses in Pennsylvania, which employs two and a half million people and accounts for almost 47 percent of all employees in the state. Pennsylvania also boasts the sixth largest economy in the U.S., which means there's opportunity in the state for businesses to succeed. Another key drawing point is the fact that the state is home to the sixth largest city in the U.S., Philadelphia, which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to do business in a large population centre.