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The Beaver State is one of the hottest states for opening a new franchise, with the tenth best survival rate in the U.S.


The Beaver state is one of the hottest in the U.S. when it comes to businesses, and with an above-average density of start-ups and the tenth best business survival rate, it’s not hard to see why.

Oregon offers plenty of incentives to support their entrepreneur community, including giving preference to small businesses in government contracting. This is part of Oregon’s Emerging Small Business certification program, which helps businesses get municipal and city contracts. To help make things even more attractive, the state does not have general sales and use tax, inventory tax, franchise tax on capital stock or business net worth, receipt or revenue tax, which makes them one of the more appealing business tax climates in the country. Oregon is also home to a quality workforce, as almost half the adult population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. The state’s growing population is a great source for customers and clients as well, which is something all businesses look for.