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The Sooner State is known for their small-business friendliness low business costs, and high rate of new entrepreneurs.


Over the last decade, Oklahoma has consistently found itself ranking on top ten lists of states for running, starting and operating businesses.

The state also ranks highly on lists for low cost of living, small-business friendliness and low business costs (the latter of which is well below the national average). All of this is thanks to a long and successful history of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the state’s ability to consistently attract new business and franchises. Oklahoma has the third-highest rate of new entrepreneurs, partly because they have a great reputation of being friendly to new businesses and have a plethora of economic pluses for opening there. There are plenty of incentive programs for businesses to take advantage of as well, such as the Small Employer Quality Jobs Program, tax incentives and rebates, and there are small-business incubators that help provide business owners with all the resources and advice they need. Oklahoma also has state workforce training programs to help you find the right, talented and accessible people to join your business. Oklahoma’s capital city, Oklahoma City, has also found itself consistently at the top of lists touting the top cities in the U.S. to do business in, which makes it one of the most attractive cities to consider when trying to decide where to locate a new venture.