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New Jersey

Franchises will find all the support they need to open, help them grow and make a profit in the Garden State.


New Jersey is an interesting state. From world-class beaches and dining, to breathtaking state parks and five-star entertainment, the state can be many things to many people.

It’s also home to the world-renowned Princeton University and the tourist attraction resort city Atlantic City. As large as it sounds though, the Garden State still relies on small business and franchises to help their economy flourish. Knowing this, the state offers all the support entrepreneurs need to not only get their businesses up and running, but to give them the opportunity to grow and make profit as well. New Jersey has plenty of good incentives to start a business, and with a per capita GDP of $56,721 the state looks to be able to support plenty of new business ventures. Other bonuses that can help businesses grow and prosper in the state include highly educated workers, a strong transportation infrastructure and a lively tourism industry. New Jersey is also the 11th most populous state, so there is no shortage of potential customers. New Jersey may be the target of many jokes thanks popular culture, but it’s no joke when it comes to being friendly to entrepreneurs looking to do business there.