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New Hampshire

The Granite State has low taxes, top access to funding and a strong workforce, making it a great place to grow a franchise.


All in all, New Hampshire is considered to be one of the top states for families to live a richer life in.

It’s not just families that enjoy the state, but businesses and franchises as well. New Hampshire has a low tax burden, thanks to the fact that it is only one of two states to have no personal income or sales tax. This makes for the sixth-lowest tax burden in the U.S. If an entrepreneur needs extra funding to get their business up and running, New Hampshire has the best access to funding in the nation. Residents in New Hampshire also have an annual income that’s seventeen percent higher than the national average, meaning they have more disposable income to spend on goods and services businesses offer. Another benefit the Granite state enjoys is that they are located close to other large hubs in New England and Canada, increasing their potential customer base. Thanks to the high education (ranked fourth in the U.S.) businesses also have a strong, motivated workforce to choose from. From a high quality of living to strong businesses advantages, New Hampshire is an outstanding state for entrepreneurs to consider growing their company in.