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With low incorporation fees, a great tax climate and a plenty of available talent, The Silver State is perfect for franchises.


The Silver state has done a great job of attracting entrepreneurs to move, create or grow their businesses by offering some of the lowest incorporation fees in the country.

Their tax climate is also one of the best, with no state personal income taxes, franchise taxes, capital gains taxes, or taxes on the shares of a Nevada corporation. Many businesses also find it easy to work with the Secretary of State’s office, which makes it comfortable to open there. Finding quality employees is easy to do as well, as the state has the highest percentage of available employees in the country. All these factors, along with a strong economy, help Nevada top the charts when it comes to start-up activity and highest density of start-ups. While most of the year can be dry and hot, Nevada is still a comfortable place to raise a family, and boasts some of the lowest property taxes in the U.S. The state also offers a growing job market, beautiful scenery and world-class entertainment, making Nevada a fun place to live.