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From public grant programs to tax incentives, the Bay State is trending in the right direction for new franchises to open.


The future looks bright for Massachusetts thanks to an economy that continues to trend in the right direction.

Consumers and businesses are both willing to spend money, which is a great sign for entrepreneurs looking to open a franchise within the state. The per capita GDP is also one of the highest in the nation, meaning people have more disposable income to spend. It’s Massachusetts’ education system however that is their biggest advantage. The state is home to not only Harvard and MIT, but many other colleges, universities and technical institutes as well that produce well-educated students every year, who are eager to enter the workforce. Massachusetts also offers plenty of support networks, including public grant programs, tax incentives and development organizations. Buying local is on the forefront of people’s minds, which helps small businesses thrive. Not only that, but a lot of businesses try to source their needs locally as well.