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The Sunflower State is known for their low operating costs, talented workers and no franchise tax.


Kansas is doing everything they can to attract new businesses and franchises to their state.

In 2011 they eliminated the franchise tax, and in 2012 they got rid of income tax for small-business owners. They’ve also been reducing the personal income tax. In return the state has seen a decent economic growth in recent years, and their unemployment rate has been hovering just below the national average thanks to an increase in jobs. Kansas also offers several incentives to help businesses financially, including Economic Development Grants which provide gap financing (between $35,000 to $750,000) to private businesses that retain or create permanent jobs in the state. Another option is the State Small Business Credit Initiative where businesses can receive a fund between $25,000 to $500,000 from the United States Treasury and the State Small Business Credit Initiative. The state is also known to have low operating costs, a strong transportation network and talented workers.