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The Hoosier State has extra resources to help franchises succeed, to go with a low cost of living and high quality of life.


Buying a franchise in Indiana is an appealing opportunity for entrepreneurs to open their businesses.

With its budget surplus, the state of Indiana has extra resources to help small businesses and franchises succeed. Among the resources available to help are ten Small Business Development Centers, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the Business Ownership Initiative and more. Indiana’s economy has been growing at a steady pace as well, at a rate almost twice as fast as the rest of the country. In order to help businesses thrive the state has removed regulatory barriers, as well as invested millions into the workforce and infrastructure. The tax environment in Indiana is currently ranked tenth best in the U.S., and with their corporate income tax rate and business taxes steadily decreasing each year until 2021, that rank will climb. And on top of all that, Indiana’s transportation infrastructure is ranked third by the International Economic Development Council and first by CNBC, partly due to the state having the second largest global Fed-Ex hub, and the highest number of pass through highways in the nation. Indiana is doing a great job of redefining itself and giving itself an identity as being a great place for businesses and residents to reach their full potential.