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With access to Chicago, the third largest city in the U.S., and a vibrant tourist scene, the Prairie State is perfect for franchises.


Although Illinois has the third largest city in the United States in Chicago, nearly eighty percent of the state is farmland. This wide extreme of landscapes opens the door for small businesses and franchises to fill a variety of different roles for the recovering Illinois economy.

Overall there are more than one million small businesses operating in the state of Illinois, which employ two and a half million people. This accounts for over forty-five percent of the state's workforce and almost twenty percent of the entire population. For entrepreneurs looking for financing, access to capital in the state is relatively strong, and there are plenty of tax credits and incentives available such as Advantage Illinois, that offers to help small businesses start up and create new jobs. Access to large markets like Chicago is a big advantage, not only for customer base, but for the labor pool to draw their employees from. The labor market is highly skilled as well, thanks to several high-caliber universities located in the state. Illinois is also a national transportation hub for flying, rail and land shipping, making it easier and cheaper to ship products.