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The Grand Canyon State is primed for entrepreneurs looking to open their franchises where they can thrive.


Arizona has worked hard to establish itself as a state where businesses and franchises don't just survive, but thrive as well.

Over the last two years alone The Grand Canyon state has posted the fourth best GDP growth rate in the country, and its unemployment rate has been steadily dropping as well. Arizona’s low and moderate tax rates are attractive to entrepreneurs, with many cities offering tax incentives and credits to businesses opening in an enterprise zone. The labor market is also growing, which is a huge bonus for small businesses looking for highly skilled and talented employees. All these point to the reasons behind the state's high density of start-ups taking advantage of the limited regulations. Arizona is also known for its moderate to low cost of living, including its comparatively low property, gas and personal income taxes. Arizona is looking primed for entrepreneurs to take advantage of everything their state has to offer and help them grow even further.