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With twenty years of job growth and a low tax climate, the Last Frontier is a good state to do business.


Alaska's economy is very welcoming of franchised businesses. The state has seen twenty years of job growth, something only seven other states can say throughout the history of the country.

On top of that, the low taxes, easy lifestyle and beautiful landscape all give Alaska a standard of living not seen anywhere else. The state obviously cares about their businesses too, offering the third lowest tax climate in the U.S., helped in part by the fact that there is no individual income or state sales tax. The business community is responding well, which is clear from Alaska having the second-highest rate of new entrepreneurs. New businesses will find an abundance of workers in the state as well, thanks to them having the second-highest percentage of available employees. And if they need assistance, franchises can find all the help they need thanks to the federally funded Alaska Small Business Development Center. They have helped launch, maintain and grow businesses for over twenty-five years.