Made The Grade 2019

What is Made The Grade™?

Finding the best franchise is hard, which is why we created our Made The Grade™ certification. The goal was to make it easy to identify franchise brands with outstanding performance, and remove some of the guesswork involved in deciphering legal documents and Franchise Disclosure Documents. Franchisors interested in learning more about obtaining a Made The Grade™ certification should visit our program page.

Our goal was to make it easy for anyone to get into franchising.

Jeff Lefler, CEO

What Does It Mean?

Our Research Analysts evaluate more than 2,500 franchise systems every year using a grading scheme that takes a variety of factors into consideration. From this grading, we're able to identify how each franchise stacks up against its competition. When you see the Mtg ribbon black icon, you know that the franchise you're looking at ranked in the top 20%.

Our grades and analysis are widely used and trusted by:

Journalists from major U.S. publications
Investment firms interested in acquisitions
Expert witnesses in legal cases
Potential franchisees looking to purchase

How We Grade

Every franchise is graded and analyzed on seven criteria by our team of Research Analysts. Our team includes university professors, industry experts, who utilize the following seven items for grading:

  1. System Turnover
  2. Franchise Relations
  3. Franchisee Rights
  4. System Growth
  5. Ongoing Fees
  6. Investment Structure
  7. Item 19 Disclosure

The Mtg ribbon black icon is the sign of a franchise that excelled in these areas!

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